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What I and other women love about Nascar.
Nascar. How bad have you got it? I am a big fan of Nascar. It is the only sport that I love. You will find me every Sunday afternoon watching Nascar. My husband wants all chevy cars to win. Too bad! There are other cars besides chevys out there. I root for the driver. My favorites are Ryan Newman and Kasey Kayne. Kasey is my favorite one anymore. He has won three races this year. I threw my Soap Magazine at my husband when Jimmie Johnson passed up Matt Kenseth in the last lap! The last lap? That is upsetting. I am not a fan of Jimmie Johnson, the Busch Brothers, Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhart, JR. Anyone but these five can win! If Kasey, Ryan or Jeff is ahead, I will cheer for them.

The Indianapolis Speedway was built in 1909 and is the first no dirt Race Track built. Indy is the racing capitol of the world. I live 2 hours away. I would love have gone to the Brickyard Nascar Race yesterday. My girlfriend had a chance to go but she isn't a race fan. I wish she would have told me about it sooner but she promised that she and her husband will take me to a Nascar Race. I hope so. I would love to meet Kasey Kayne!

Here are some women who have driven in Nascar. Sara Christan in 1949-1950.
Janet Guthrie 1976-1980. She lasted the longest. Patty Moise drove for two years. Ann Chester and Marian Pagan drove back in the 1950's in Nascar. There are currently no women Nascar drivers now. Women are not given the best equipment for Nascar cars. They are too heavy for women to handle. Women are not given the same opportunities as men. Sponsors don't like to sponser women. This doesn't seem fair. Women drivers have to work harder then the men at the Nascar sport. There is an organization that is trying to change the course of things for women. It is called Nascar's Diversity Program. If women have the drive and ambition, someday soon there will be women drivers driving with the men in every race. Look at Danica Patrick. She drives those Indy type cars and we find more women like her for Nascar, women will be in the Nextel Series and the men will have to move over and let them join the fun and win!

In the mean time, women can watch the races and love the thrill of the race. When the Grand Marshall say: "Gentlemen, start your engines!" This sends chills through me as the men start their cars. I love after the National Anthem when the driver and his crew high five each other and the drivers kiss their girlfriends and wives. Oh yes! I like when the Blue Angels or jets fly in the air after the National Anthem. I was raised a military girl and my father was a Flight Engineer on airplanes and I love airplanes as much as I do Nascar Stock cars. I wanted to join the Air Force after college and fly airplanes but it didn't happen. If I was younger, I would love to drive for Nascar. I wish that I could test drive a Nascar car. No other drivers on the track. I would want it to be just me. Maybe later, I would go drive with the big boys. When the men are racing, I think about how much fun it would be to be out there. It looks like fun to go around the track and like typing, you go for speed! That is the thrill of racing! At least, I think so.

Oh, last but not least, Kasey Kayne was named as one of the five sexiest race car drivers, the one you would like to kiss and the one women would like to marry. If you are not a Nascar fan, I hope that you will be one. Women love fun and excitement. Even an elite woman who is truly a lady can appreciate Nascar. To me, Nascar is a big part of my life. All I can say is watch it and feel the excitement. You will be like me. NASCAR. HOW BAD HAVE YOU GOT IT?

I have a Ryan Newman clock in the room we built a few years back. The clock has Ryan's picture on it. I have a book about Ryan. I have rwo of Ryan's cars with his old number 12 on them. I have a Nascar Scrapbook{I scrapbook, too} with newspaper and magazine clippings of Ryan, Kasey, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Bobby LaBonte. I have a Kasey Kayne action figure and his car on a book shelf along with the other items I have mentioned. I have a Nascar magazine with Kasey on the cover. I also have Kasey teddy bears, a Ryan Beanie Bear and my husband has a Jimmie Johnson Beanie Bear. When we watch the race, we have all the bears sitting on the coffee table along with stuffed Digger and Annie{the ground hog mascots on Fox for Nascar}. When Ryan or Kasey win, I dance around with the Ryan bear or Kasey bear. I have Nascar fever.

When Carl Edwards win, he always does a back flip. That is so cool! If Ryan and Kasey don't win, I am happy to see Carl, Kevin Harvick or Jamie McMurray win.

Women love Nascar. I see women wearing T-shirts, jackets and hats of their favorite drivers. I wear my Ryan and Kasey T-shirts. The girls at work shake their heads and smile. They know I am a true Nascar Fan. I have never been to an actual race but I hear you can see more of the race on TV. I miss the Kasey Kayne commercials with the three women . The female driver is so careless that she is looking at Kasey and hits a giant brick man holding a tire and the tire crashes on Kasey's car. I like the one that the women pretend to be policemen and have him pull over at night and have him go to the back of his car. He stands there with his back towards them and well it is a nice sight!
I would love to be one of the women in the commercial with him.

Why do I love Nascar? Some of the men are very cute and seeing race cars go around the track and noise of the engines. It is a thrill to watch. Speed. I hate to see accidents but luckily, the men are safer in the race cars then they used to be. It is a rush to see the cars go racing. Men love cars and you have to love the men who are brave enough to get behind the wheel. If I was younger, I would get behind the wheel myself. If you haven't watched a race, I hope that you will. Watching the cars race and some of the men who drive them, that should be reason enough to tune in. I promise I will be watching the race every week. I either tape it or stay home. Let's go racing boys!

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