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I love good food. Not so much the humble and mundane offerings, like burgers or pizza, but somewhat more sophisticated delectables, such as fois gras, caviar, and things cooked with truffles. Needless to say, this kind of food can’t be found at McDonald’s, so once a year or so my husband takes me to an upscale restaurant, where this kind of food is on the menu.

It was my birthday, and hubs had agreed to take me to Noble’s, a very expensive place with a reputation for elegant ambiance and heavenly cuisine. I had bought a stylish new dress for the occasion, and hubs was decked out in his best dark suit. I was feeling slightly smug as we entered the restaurant and were shown to our table, which was in the center of the seating area. About halfway through the meal, I had to use the ladies room. My business done, I glided back toward the table. I was really enjoying my meal, and I was surprised to be feeling that we actually seemed to “fit in” here. Hubs got up to pull out my chair, and whispered that the hem of my dress was caught up in the waistband of my panty hose. I was horrified to realize that I had mooned everybody in the restaurant!

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