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The story begins about a young boy, a grandpa and fireflies!
Jeremy ran into the workshop, a converted garage, every handyman's envy.
"Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa.... Guess what?"
Excitedly stated; while he looked for the man, now located.
At the worktable, his back turned to his newest apprentice.
There he was, a handyman stood, inspecting the latest project.
With new found eagerness, now a recognized voice.
A grandfather stopped what he was doing.
Turned around, to see what excited his 5 year old grandson so.
Jeremy had stopped, he stood at the open entrance.
Waiting there, he remembered, the first rules of safety.
Check the shop for hazards, ask for permission to enter.
"What's up, Jeremy?" he asked.
"Could I come into the shop Grandpa?
I just love the smell of the sawdust in here!"
Come on in here, give me a hug! It smells great don't it?"
Grandpa replied, swooped Jeremy up, sat him on the workbench.
"Now all we need are the wooden floors, like you find at the ol' hardware store."
"Yeah.... Now that would be neat!"
Jeremy said., while Grandpa tousled his brown hair.
"So, tell me. Why did you come in here? Just to see me?"
"No Grandpa!" he replied, "I wanted to tell you something really neat!
Charlie is back in town, and, and, and...
This time, he brought his entire family along!"
"All right! That explains who this latest project is for." Grandpa replied.
"Let's take a look at how I'm coming along with this idea.
See, Jeremy, I've been constructing this from an old scrap of one by four.
"You know, as my apprentice, I have to teach you how to build these too!
Let's see, here"; said, as he picked the wooden frame up from the bench.
A new tradition, handed it to his grandson for their inspection.
Jeremy, wide-eyed, full of curiosity, said; "What is it?
It's only three pieces of wood, one long, two uprights.
This end has a hinged door, it's about as long as your hand.
Grandpa, I need more details! What is this contraption?"

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