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Rated: E · Serial · Children's · #1141639
A twist in the story about a young boy, a grandpa and fireflies!
Jeremy studiously watched, memorized every move Grandpa made.
Deftly, quickly, fingers tightly wrapped the frame.
The screen, ‘twas found, a perfect fit to be.
Every thing positioned carefully, preparations now complete.
Screen stapled, attached to top, bottom and sides.
Wood trim tacked, no edges are left unbidden.
Dangerous, raw edges, now meticulously hidden,
Not the slightest chance of danger, nothing left exposed.
The last detail, the handle, a strip of leather tacked to the top.
Grandpa smiled, the latest project, a lesson now succeeded.
Initiation completed, a graduation, a diploma passed out.
The completed contraption, handed to a grandson, he said;
"Jeremy... Have you figured out what the contraption is yet?"
Are you ready to watch the firefly show, later tonight?
Still mesmerized, Jeremy sat there, shook his head no.
Both heard in the workshop, sounds of droning, buzzing.
Instinctual magnetic attraction, faces turn, towards the sound.
Instantaneous recognition, an old friendship, time to rekindle.
Jeremy's face lit up, said; "Grandpa, look! Charlie flew into the workshop.
And, and... He brought the wife, the kids along.
I tried to tell you earlier, that they were here!
Grandpa, hold your hand up!
Let's see if they'll land on your finger, again this year."
Poised in the air, a hand, once used as a perch for parakeets.
Positioned now for Charlie, the wife, family, or maybe friends.
Jeremy continued; "Grandpa, do you think he'll land?"
Free hand moved, finger placed across puckered lips, Grandpa whispered, "shhh...."
With a wink, he sternly replied, "Shush, be quiet, so we can navigate this landing."
With all the wonder, amazement, a young man of five could muster.
Jeremy sat there, proudly watched his Grandpa work Charlie's landing.
He dared not move a muscle, barely able to breathe.
Anything, nothing, no havoc could, or would be created.
Nothing spared, or allowed to impede the upcoming conversation.
Carefully, gently, Charlie glided down, lit upon Grandpa's finger.
They watched Charlie fire off a two blink flasher, as if to signal the touch down.
Waited for the wife, landing beside him, safe, secure and sound.
Grandpa slowly moved, purposefully, sat beside his grandson.
A cool rush of air, gently flittered their wings.
The happy couple brushed off their legs, cleaned their antenna, wings.
A human hand raised, human faces, human ears now much closer, Charlie said;
"Hi! How was the winter? We've had a long trip. Wow, are we tired.
Hope you don't mind if the kids play in that sawdust over there.
Who is the young boy sitting with you?
What is that contraption he's holding?"

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