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A young boy, a grandpa and fireflies answer the question...
Grandpa, elated to hear Charlie again this year, replied;
"Well... Hello Charlie! Welcome back again on this hot summer day!
This last winter? It was a cold one, lots of snow and ice.
Glad to see you made it back again.
This young lad here? He is my grandson, Jeremy!
Today he's learned a lot from his Grandpa.
That thing he's holding? What is that contraption?
Why... It's a bughouse! Built with safety in mind! A home where...
One where, no harmful, crippling edges can be found.
Used to escort bugs from the front to the backyard.
A vegetable garden, needs bugs to come back, year after year."

Jeremy examined the newest project, turned it around in his hands.
To Charlie the firefly, Grandpa explained;
"We built this house for carrying our friends.
It's to be used for catch and release.
Like when we go fishing, freed back into the yard.
It's meant to be a haven, a safer home!
One that won't endanger you, your family or friends.
A new place, double-checked for dangerous edges.
Later tonight, hopefully, we’ll use it to move some bugs."
Heartfelt concern showing, Jeremy, the wise five year old continued;
"Grandpa, Charlie wants to know? How do we explain this contraption?
If what we've built, is a gift to protect them?
That it's a home, a way to move them from location to location.
It is not a trap, nor a prison, but... Intending to be a humane shelter.

Charlie picked up the conversation, said to both of them;
"How could this be possible? Don't you realize?
Ah the blind eyes of humanity. You should see life through our eyes.
Maybe then, you'd understand things from our point of views,
See, the restraints are missing, when freedom truly is granted.
When released, there's nothing to keep them in your yard, nor the garden.
Back to their original location, all that is needed to do?
For this collection of bug's is to fly away, go back to their home."

Grandpa looked at Jeremy, picked up the new, improved bughouse.
Tossed it across the workshop, where it landed in the recycle barrel.
As Grandpa glanced at Charlie, his wife, the kids...
Playing in the now spread out pile of sawdust.
He wondered... Now who is teaching whom a lesson?
Jeremy said; "Come on Grandpa, let's go out front.
The sun is setting. We'll watch the fireflies dancing.
There should be some spectacular lighting!"

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