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by Kat
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #1142205
See What Love Can Do!!

There was once a King named I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know was married to Queen I Don’t Care.

Together, King I Don’t Know and Queen I Don’t Care ruled from Castle Above You over their kingdom. The name of their kingdom was Darkness and the Kingdom of Darkness was filled with Unreal people.

Circling the castle called Above You was a river named Feelings. The river named Feelings dried up for a long, long time. Because the river had been so deep, the gorge formed by the river was frightening to everyone.

King I Don’t Know and Queen I Don’t Care were afraid to cross the gorge to enter the Kingdom of Darkness. All the Unreal people feared crossing the gorge to see the King and Queen in Castle Above You.

One day it started to rain. The Unreal people had never seen it rain so hard for so long. They called the rain “tears” and thought the sky was crying. This made them all very frightened and sad…..so sad that they wanted to see the King and Queen.

Unknown to the Unreal people in the Kingdom of Darkness, King I Don’t Know and Queen I Don’t Care couldn’t see their kingdom because of all the rain. Soon they grew very lonely and, tiring of each other’s company, they decided to visit the River of Feelings. They dressed in their best finery, even though it was raining, and made their way through the Gate of Sensitivity.

As they approached the River of Feelings, they saw that it was beginning to fill with the rain called Tears. Looking across the river, they could almost see some of the Unreal people standing at the river’s edge in the Kingdom of Darkness.

Feeling very much alone and needing something to do, the Unreal people started building a bridge so the King and Queen could visit them.

Not knowing what the Unreal people were doing, the King and Queen ordered a bridge built so the Unreal people in the Kingdom of Darkness could visit them.

After what seemed a very long time, the Unreal people completed their bridge, but it only reached halfway across the river. But much to their surprise, after putting their half in place, they discovered that another bridge had been started by the King and Queen. Together their bridges crossed the entire river. By this time, the River called Feelings was filled with tears.

The Unreal people in the Kingdom of Darkness started their journey across the bridge to Castle Above You to visit King I Don’t Know and Queen I Don’t Care.
Once again, unknown to them, because they’re Kingdom of Darkness didn’t allow them to see very far ahead, the King and Queen had started their own journey across the bridge to visit their people.

The Unreal people met the king and queen in the middle of the bridge over the River of Feelings filled with tears.

Suddenly, the Unreal people became Real people and their kingdom became the Kingdom of Light. The king became King I Know and the queen became Queen I Care and the Castle became Castle Beside You.

Unknown to all, when the bridges met in the middle of the river, a very special magic called Love caused the bridges to fit perfectly together and form one bridge that has come to be known throughout the kingdom and the castle as the Bridge of Understanding.

Although they were very tired from all their efforts and their labor, they united as one kingdom ruled tenderly and compassionately by a kind King and Queen. They learned together, lived together, and loved together every after.

© Copyright 2006 Kat (katkola at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1142205