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by Sky
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Are you someone's Angel?
Someone's Angel...

Her clothes were worn and dirty. A streak from a tear ran down her face. Her stomach ached of hunger as she sat on the floor of her small home. Her only toy was a towel with a face drawn on it from long ago. Her only friend.

It had been the middle of the night when she woke alone and cold. Her cries for her parents went unheard. When the morning light peaked through the broken window of her room she again cried out for her parents. Again her cries went unheard.

She walked through her home, bare footed and barely covered with pajamas that were too small, looking for them.

She remembers finding them. Her Mother on the floor, her Father on the bed.

She remembers sitting in the middle of her home with her only friend. Cold, Hungry and now Alone.

She remembers the knock on the door and the two people standing in the doorway and thinking of angels as the bright light from the hallway streamed around them.

It had been 53 years since he had not been by her side. He had been her 1st Kiss, her 1st Love, her first Everything in life. His life was her life.

She paused in the hallway as she walked from his room. She looked at each end of the hallway not knowing which way to turn. Not knowing where to go.

He had always been there by her side. 53 years were now over. 53 years of their life were now gone.

From the window, the clouds parted and the bright sunlight beamed through the window. It was then she noticed the beautiful angel stained windows that lined the hallway.

She then knew that their together had not ended, just a new chapter had begun.

With clasped hands and bended knees, he prayed in front of the little church.

It had only been a little over a year since he stood there with his best man at his side and overlooked their Family and Friends.

It was the beginning of their journey together. The lifetime of their Dreams, Wishes and Desires they would share.

She wore the dress she wore that day. A small gold angel around her neck pressed to her heart that he had given to her on their first date.

The ring he placed on her left hand the day they cried together as she said I Do.

He softly kisses her lips and turned and walked away as the choir sings, Angels Among Us.

His house a cardboard box, his warmth a sewer grate. His clothes heavy with wear, his food from scraps he finds from someone's yesterday meals.

His life once filled with so much promise, is now filled with memories of mistakes made overtime.

When he allows himself to dream, he dreams of her. He dreams of them.

They shouldn't been out there. But he had to get home to watch the game. He didn't see the ice and pressed hard on the brake when the other car appeared through the snow.

She was taken in an instant, his mind taken in the next.

A stranger with an angel face lays a blanket at his feet and softly says "You're Not Alone".

They may take many forms, but come from our deepest memories to walk among us in our most needed hour.

They may come to us in the form of friends, family members or as a perfect stranger.

They may not always know the reasons why, nor understand the drive that fills their soul.

A shining light of hope that guides us to take that next breath, that next step, that next reason to go on.

Are You Someone's Angel?

Daniel C. Gillett
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