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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1142660
An adaptation of "The Three Little Pigs". Thanks to my talented son for his help!
The Misunderstood Wolf and Three Pigs

Once upon a time, long before any of you were born, there lived a Mother sow along with her three younglings. They were a rambunctious bunch and kept her very busy. She scarcely had time to eat her portion of the slop.

Finally, after one afternoon of grunting and pushing her with their snouts, she had enough.

"You piglets need to get your own home. It is getting far too cramped and I'd like to be able to root around alone!" she said, with exasperation.

The eldest pig, Roger didn't want to live with his mother and siblings but it seemed like the easiest thing to do, you see, Roger didn't want responsibility. The only things that he liked were cornhusks and house music. Nevertheless, since he could not deny that it was crowded; Roger took his mother's advice and purchased a straw home.

The second pig, Sully, not wanting to be outdone by his older brother, started to think about purchasing a home. "I do not like straw", he said, "It really makes me itch! But a home made of wood, that would be good!" You see, Sully was quite the taxidermist and he couldn't very well hang up his collection in the pig sty, but in his own home, it would be very different.
So he took his mother's advice and purchased a home made of wood.

Lastly, there remained a pig named Flowerina, the youngest and most gentle member of the family. She was different from her older siblings because she didn't care about dance beats or taxidermy. No, she was more concerned about friendship and she had many woodland friends, some of which were female wolves.
She wanted to have them over sometimes, but knew that they wouldn't be welcome in her Mother's home, oh, but I am getting ahead of myself in the story. Where was I?

She was friendly and wanted her own place. Mother worried about her protection; nevertheless, Flowerina purchased a house made of brick to make her mother happy.

Now, there also lived a misunderstood wolf in the woods who was a traveling salesman by trade. He always had oddball trinkets for sale in his fur coat, but most of the time they smelled like dog fur and he would lose a sale. This made him very angry and then he would turn on his customer and eat them for lunch.

What a wretched wolf!

One day as he traveled along in the forest, he came upon the eldest pig's home, which was made of straw. As he made his way to the door, he wondered how he could complete this sale.

He cried out, "Little pig, little pig, come see my wares!"

"I'm not interested" called Roger to the wolf. He was just setting up his entertainment console and didn't want to be bothered.

"Oh, little pig, do you like music?" he asked entreatingly.

"It depends." he said, trying to focus on lining up the stereo system.

"I have house music." said the wolf, grinning widely.

The door flung open and there stood the pig. "Why didn't you say so? I LOVE house music. Say, do you have dance beats too?" Roger was really starting to feel excited.

"Ah, yes", he said confidently. "Why don't you try a few out?" In his paw, he held "Dance Music Mania" and "It’s a Big House" music.

"Wow!" Roger said with wonder, his eyes shining bright. "Let me try it out!"

He placed a CD in the chamber and started to bounce to the beat. "Aw, man! This is my hook!" Roger danced around the wolf and then broke out into a break dancing routine. Now the wolf was quite amused because he finally felt that a sale was on the horizon, and so he waited patiently as Roger danced and danced.

This went on for some time, but he didn't want to lose the sale.

"Say," he yelled over the computerized beats, "you like what you are hearing?"

"Yep, I sure do" breathed Roger, "but I'm not sure I want to buy it today."

In a fit of rage, the wolf jumped upon poor Roger and gobbled him right up.


Now, the second pig, Sully didn't fare as well as his late brother because of his beloved taxidermy collection.

You see, the following day, the wolf ventured out to try to sell his wares and happened upon the second pig's home made of wood. He scoped his home out from afar, looking into the open windows and saw his wall arrangement.

"Wow!" he said to himself, "this is kind of impressive. I am sure that I have something here for a pig of his taste."

He widened his viewer and thought that he saw a wolf's head on the wall.

"What? My eyes must be playing tricks on me." he said incredulously. As he focused on the image, it turned out to be his long lost brother.

He'd often wondered where he was. Now seeing this gave him a sense of closure, but it was bad news for Sully.

Sully was just heading into his living room to dust off his beloved possessions when the wolf burst through the window and gobbled him right up.


Sadly now, there was only Flowerina, the third youngling left. She was a friendly pig and had made many forest pals because of her outlook on life and living. Her view was that all forest creatures should be able to have friendships. She never was concerned that she was a pig when she went to speak to the fox or the hyena. She'd greet them brightly with "How's your day, Mr. Fox?" or "Why don't you stop over for tea, Mrs. Hyena?" because she was a pretty progressive pig and didn't dwell on such foolishness.

Why, there were even some female wolves that were her friends. She had invited them over to see her new brick home and to have some tea. ** Image ID #1354699 Unavailable **

The wolf meanwhile was out roaming about when he saw the home and Flowerina from afar. “A new brick home!" he said, "and a lone female pig taking care of it. This must be my lucky day. I wonder what she will want. Oh, yes..." he said, reaching down inside of his knapsack, "some scented oils should work just nicely. I'll stop by later to make my acquaintance with her."

Now her friends were to bring some cheese, and Flowerina had the tea and crackers to serve while they were visiting and admiring her home.

Soon it was time and they came to her home as the scent of chamomile tea filtered out through the sitting room window.

"Why, Flowerina!” they all exclaimed, "What a beautiful home you do have!"

Flowerina only blushed and ushered them inside. Then, she excused herself to freshen up since she was damp from running around most of the morning.

The wolf soon arrived at Flowerina's home and trotted up the pathway and proceeded to knock on the door.

"Hello. I'd like to speak to the lady of the house..." as the door was opened, interrupting his spiel, as several female wolves stared out at him.

"Who wants to know?" an auburn colored wolf asked him, as she cracked her knuckles.

"Umm, I am just trying to sell her some wares..." he stammered, feeling quite crowded.

"I don't know about him", said the black and white speckled wolf, pulling out her brass knuckles. "From what I know, all male wolves are dogs!"

"Now ladies..." he said, backing down the pathway as Flowerina parted the wolves blocking the door.

"Girls!" she shouted, "Now, let's not be like this. He can come in for a bit of tea as well. Then we can see what he is selling."

The wolf wiped the sweat from his brow, and then stumbled as the female wolves shoved him inside.

"Rough crowd." he thought to himself.

"What was that?" said the tattooed wolf who was wearing Enyce. "Flowerina, you sure you don't want me to bust him up?"

"No." she said, offering the wolf a chair. "We have never been introduced. My name is Flowerina. What is your name?" she said with a smile.

The wolf was taken aback. No one had ever introduced themselves to him when he went to make a sale. No one had ever cared to ask.

"Ralph...Ralph Wolfenstein." he said, with a low voice.

"Aww, he's touched." said the female wolves mockingly. "What a wuss!"

"Stop it." said Flowerina, defensively to the wolves. "Now, Ralph, what is it you'd like to show us?"

Ralph just sat, blinking. He had never felt like this before. His heart was all aflutter, like he was in love, but that couldn't be. He had forgotten about the perfume; he just wanted to gaze on Flowerina.

"Per..per..fume." he could only speak one word. Now he knew he looked like an idiot. Not to mention, all of her friends eyed him with suspicion.

Flowerina looked at him, then at her friends. She scrunched her brow and said kindly, "Girls, maybe we can do this another time."

She had such tact in the tensest situations and a kindly heart that could not be denied.

"Oh, no problem." they said. Then they looked at Ralph. "What about him?"

"I'll be fine, girls." she said with a reassuring smile.

"You'd better be." they said, looking at Ralph, snarling to seal their discontent, "or his hide is ours!"

"Ok, that's enough." said Flowerina laughingly, "It'll be alright." Then she ushered them all out the door and closed it.

"They sure are protective of you." he said, incredulously. "But then, I can see why. You are nice Flowerina." He blinked as he said this because her eyes just seemed to sparkle at him.

Oh, my goodness, he thought. Am I falling for her? I just met her.

"Umm, Flowerina, I am a lowly wolf who somehow got into sales and I'm not really that good. I always seem to lose the sale, but I try hard. So..." he hesitated.

"Yes." she said, encouragingly as she took a seat across from him on the sofa.

"I like you...I like you very much and well, I was wondering if you'd like to be my girl?" he said, as he sighed a huge breath of relief that rattled the curtain rods on the windows.

He blushed as he apologized to Flowerina; he really had to watch his breath.

"Yes, I would love to!" she said, clutching her chest. "I like you to and I'm glad that you aren't concerned that I am a pig."

"No, not at all." he said, "I just want someone to spend time with and to get to know better."

Flowerina clapped her hands together excitedly. "Oh, I can't wait until you meet my brothers! I am sure that they will just love you."

Ralph just smiled as he took her hand and could only wish that they would be able to live happily ever after, but that is another story.

The end
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