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Shimmy and Roscoe

Shimmy hated that it was now her job to take out the family pet out at night but he really did not seem to care. He just followed natures call with a quick duck in the grass, and then off for the nightly walk. She knew it was not on him but she hated that she got the short end of the deal. They had Roscoe for over three years and in all of that time, he still wasn't trained to listen to commands, which meant walking him was a royal pain.

"Roscoe! C'mon boy, give me a break!" she yelled as he pulled in every direction but loose from her. He didn't seem to notice how noisy it was outside today. It felt kind of weird. It was a dark and blustery night, which normally meant Roscoe's ears would perk up more than normal, as if he were scanning the airwaves for the best directional info as he romped around but not tonight. He did not seem to notice this.

Shimmy just shook her head. She did not want to be out walking the him in this weather and was sure to let him know how she felt about it.

"Roscoe, this is all your fault! Why do you need a walk, especially at night time?" she asked him as she knelt close to his face.

He eyed her curiously and turned his head from side to side. He brought his nose closer to her face, taking in the odor of a cheeseburger long since eaten and took a deep breath. He licked his doggy lips as if he wanted to get a taste of the real thing.

Shimmy shook her head. "Silly dog! All you do is breathe leftover food smells! How is it that you are the one that decides when we take our walk, Roscoe?" she said as she stood to take a good look at the family dog. Then, she realized that they were not walking, which is what she was griping about.

Well, c'mon! The wind seems to be picking up tonight!" she said as her anxiety increased."I don't like this, Roscoe. Besides, the air is becoming much more chilly."

The sky had grown dark overhead and Shimmy grew more concerned with rain ruining what was left of her wind blown ponytail hair-do.

Roscoe pulled and tugged at the chain and she followed along the sidewalk. He stopped to smell the grass and checkout the loose candy wrappers scattered around the walk area. Then, he saw a small insect that he wanted to paw around on the pavement.

“No!” she yelled. “We don’t have time for that. You need to move so we can get this walk over with.” She sure hated her luck. None of her friends were out walking their dog but she had to.

Just then, a swift wind arose around them and Shimmy could feel her feet slip under her. Roscoe finally began to bark, as if he suddenly noticed something different about this dark and blustery night.

Next thing she found herself in a dead heat with Roscoe for home. It was funny how fear united them in the same purpose for the first time during the walk!

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