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Ever wondered the relationship between the economic growth and a successful career?
"Points to ponder for a scccessfull career"

Ever wondered the relationship between the economic growth and a successful career? No? Well then this article is for you to derive the relationship and to draw the main pointers for a successful career. So go on and find it for yourself!!

Economic growth & career are directly proportional to each other because if the economic growth is not properly managed, can prove to be fatal, jobless, voiceless, futureless, and thus detrimental to human resources development.
It is a hardcore fact that the economic growth plays a very pivot able role in the candidate’s career because economic growths are possible only to the extent that human resources are competent to meet the developmental requirements.
Globalization changes and technological advancements affect and work as a driving force for each other and in the process leads to innovation, new forms of work organization, changes in the nature of work and new occupational categories.
The following are some of the important pointers which will help you to build a successful career:

 Human Resource:
Human resource in any country is the prime factor for setting up the direction and pace of the socio-economic development, therefore it should always be considered at the top. The nation's capacity to face the challenges of industrialization and globalization of business towards the 21st century depends heavily on its human resources. Out of technology and human resources, it is the human resources that will help organizations to face the challenges of business globalization because human resource is very much essential to guide the organization and the nation through the coming challenges, thus Human resource serves as a back bone for an organization and of course for a successful career.

 Build your personality:
Organizations in their various stages of life cycle tend to change and adapt to changes according to the current situations but ones personality should be adaptable to changes in order to survive in that company and hence to safeguard ones own career.

 Be mentally prepared for the worst:
The traditional bond between an employer & employee is mostly on a contractual basis nowadays. So don’t focus on staying in a company for ever and be mentally prepared to look for a new job because the hiring and firing rule is nowadays common in the companies even if you are permanent on a senior most position. So don’t get dishearten and don’t spoil your career, rather abide by the professional rule which is the key rule to a successful career “Be Mentally Prepared” for anything is possible when you are working in an organization.

 Strive Hard:
Striving hard is the thumb rule. While even on job continue your studies, learning, training etc because in order to survive and stay at the top you have to be up to date in your specific field, hence don’t stop your studies and the learning process because these things will make you unique and to be recognized in the job market. Apply your skills where needed and try to work out things yourself & don’t depend on the employers.

 Add value to the company:
Don’t think that you will continue in 1 company for ever, because the companies do not require loyalty and sincerity nowadays but they need work, so when there is work according to your skills and capabilities, employers need you and if there is not, they don’t need you. So doesn’t focus on staying in one company everlastingly instead try to add value to the company, apply your skills and capabilities wherever needed in the organization that makes it acceptable and also makes ground for you to survive in an organization that is take charge of the future.

 Focus on the differential factors:
You should focus on the differential factors like skills and competence, because skills can be acquired. These factors will make you different from the crowd and will help you to be recognized among so many people.

 Value the cultural diversities:
Adopt according to the changes in Global workforce in the near future will be a reality because organizations should be developed that are quality-focused and globally effective. In this way, organizations will strive hard to restore a nation's competitiveness and assist in ensuring its continued prosperity in the new millennium. The time has come for a joint effort to ensure that business leaders will have the management and cross-cultural skills necessary to compete on a global basis. So you will have to learn and value the cultural diversities according to the prevailing situation in order to build a successful career.

 Make yourself adaptable:
You should know how to make yourself adaptable with the arising development and changes in the technology because nowadays, to build a successful career candidates must be armed with a broader and deeper set of competencies, not just in HR skills but in general business and interpersonal skills, and in technology too.

 Selective Hiring:
Employers go for selective hiring, because they don’t only require knowledge but also other factors are compulsory like impressive personality, your skills, capabilities, abilities & confidence to deal with people. So try to mould yourself around this criterion in order to build a successful career.

 Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional Intelligence plays a very pivotal rule in ones career. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control ones emotions. If you want to be a good leader, you should acquire emotional intelligence, because emotionality and career are inversely related to each other. A good leader always knows the tactic to control his or her emotions which in turn leads to a successful career.

Thus last but not the least the above factors play a very pivot able role in ones career and thus by focusing on the above points, one can build a very successful career and also abide by it.
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