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Just a simple story based on a dream I had.
"Come on Aidon! If I can hop the damn fence so can you!" taunted Elylia from the opposite side of the barbed wire fence that seperated the dirt road from the wild meadow and forests of Yelm, Washington.
"El, if you scratched yourself you're going to have to get a shot y'know?" warned Aidon as he grabbed onto the rusty wires, his roughly gentle hands making fists as he swung his leg over the highest part of the fence.
"Oh please! You have no sense of adventure you know that?" laughed Elylia, helping her friend over the fence. Aidon landed in the yellow grass, that cleared the top of his head by a good two inches, with a thump. "Graceful" teased Elylia with a mischevious smirk playing on her lips. Aidon glared at her as he dusted his wrangler jeans off. As he began to dust off his pale blue shirt he noticed that there was a small tear in the chest. "Dammit! I am never going to hear the end of this!" he yelled in annoyance.
"Drama king, don't worry about it Aidon, you'll be fine! Jeez, your worse then my sisters."
"Shut up El, you know my mom"
"Yeah, unfortunately..." smirked Elylia as she began to walk lazily through the tall grass, swatting at various bugs and flies, but like flies often do, they only seemed to return with more vigour then before. Aidon took a deep breath before following after his friend, sure he was a bit reluctant, last time they were here they ran into an awfully grumpy wild boar that chased them angrily up into a tree. "Why do you like to come back here anyways?" he asked at the thought of their last trip to 'Satan's Meadow'.
"It's an escape!" yelled Elylia with a wide grin as she began to spin around with her arms outsretched like the wings of an eagel. Her skirt twirled around looking like a black flower caught in the wind as she stopped, her smile never fading.
"You're so free already though." smiled Aidon walking to her side.
"Oh?" asked Elylia, still wearing her silly grin.
"Well, sure! You've done so much at the age of 15 it's amazing. Some people never accomplish any of that in one life time." finished Aidon looking his friend in the eyes.
"Aidon, you're kidding me right? I've never left this litte hick town, I'll probably die in it too" and only then did her smile fade, the thought of dying here in this small town, it's a bone chilling realization.
"I didn't mean it that way. I mean that you're very free, you understand so much. You won't die here, you'll probably become an actress or famous writer. I have alot of respe--" but Aidon was cut short by the sudden yelling of his companion.
"Aidon look!" Elylia beamed as a small, grey, skinny, fox wandered onto their path.
"Yeah, so what? Y'know what, it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with you." Aidon barked in annoyance and some hurt.
"Oh Aidon! If we stand around talking about life how are we supposed to enjoy it?" whispered Elylia as she dropped to her knees, scooting closer to the fox. Aidon was taken aback by the truth in her statement and he couldn't help but think to himself, "See what I mean?" He sighed and let it go.
"El, it's going to run off, don't get so close!" he cautioned nudging her sneaker covered foot.
"Hush!" Elylia whispered not even turning around to look at Aidon. Aidon sighed and desided to just let her chase the fox off. As she inched slowly forward the creature didn't do anything, it just stood their, looking ragged and weather worn. Aidon found the animal ugly as he looked it over. It's eyes were a pale yellow, a sick kind of color, as if the life was leaving them for good. His grey and brown matted fur was covered in all sorts of scratches and bits of moss from the forest. It's large ears were pinned back on it's skull and it's ugly snout was pointed at Elylia. The creature stood so completely still that it's ragged breathing was the only thing that kept it from looking like a statue. It's ribs showed and it looked as if it hadn't slept or eaten in days. The black that outlined it's lifeless eyes was thick and made it look sort of menacing.
"Elylia, come on, it looks like it's about to bite you." sneered Aidon taking his gaze away from the fox, if that's even what it was. Elylia didn't say anything, she only began to stretch out her arm to touch it. When her hand was only inches away from it's snout it let out a growl, bearing it's small fangs at Elylia in a warning manner. Elylia immedately recoiled her hand and arm at the sound. Aidon turned to look at the creature. He began to try and shoo it off, but Elylia made him stop.
"Look, he's only protecting that little marble." said Elylia smiling at the fox.
"What marble?" asked Aidon crouching down so he was eye level with Elylia. When he found what she was talking about he rolled his eyes. The fox was deffinately guarding a small metal marble. It was strange though, it seemed to shimmer in the light and it was hued in a sort of purple. Aidon reached out quickly to grab it but the fox was quicker. The creature lashed out at Aidon's hand so quickly that he squealed in surprise. "Damn rat!" yelled Aidon cupping his bleeding hand.
"It's not that bad, he only scratched you!" said Elylia trying to calm down her friend who was kicking at the fox. To both of their surprises the fox seemed unnerved by the sudden thrashing of Aidon's feet. When both Aidon and Elylia stood up the fox took the small marble in it's maw and then turned in the direction of the woods, it's bushy tail swaying in an almost taunting manner as it began to trot off. Aidon was enraged by the creature and took off after it.
"Aidon! It's just an animal!" yelled Elylia following after him in confusion. She had never seen her friend so enraged over such a small thing.

The fox bolted when it heard the thundering sound of Aidon's feet fast behind it. As Aidon ran after the fox he yelled small profanities at it, which only made Elylia even more confused. "Aidon!" she yelled trying to keep up with him. He didn't say anything to her, he just seemed to move faster. When they reached the forest the fox took a sharp turn into a rather thick bunch of raspberry bushes. Aidon stopped for only a second before lunging in after the creature. Elylia was not so quick to jump the gun. She stood their and listened in horror. It seemed like her friend had tripped and was falling, "Falling?" thought Elylia "falling where?" She decided to follow incase something had happened and he needed her help. She carefully pushed the leaves and branches out of the way as she walked cautiously through the bushes. She watched her feet, making sure she didn't trip or tumble down a sudden drop off. When she finally had fought her way through the huge raspberry patch she stopped immedately and let out a small gasp. She was standing on the edge of a rather large ditch. There was only a few inches of ground before it suddenly dropped into the ditch. She grabbed onto some raspberry branches for support. She then looked down into the ditch and already knew what she was about to see. Aidon was laying there holding his ankle and taking short breaths. His face was red in exhaustion and his brown hair had fallen into his face.

NOTE: I am not finished
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