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Argument about discrimination between girls and boys on sports.Girlz RULE! WRITE ON!
Many people have their own views and opinions on whether girls should participate in"boy's sports" or not.For many years now there have been arguments about this topic and many other forms of discrimination.Personally I think boys and girls are all equal.Team players should be chosen by their skills and ability,not by gender.So what if girls play ice-hockey and boys cheerlead.It's a free country and a free world isn't it?Here is an argumentative discussion between two people at a school:

Tasha goes out to break and as she makes her to the bench where she and her friends always sit.She passes a group of boys on her way.One boy,Marc (presumely the leader of the group) was heard to have been saying to his friends why girls should always be picked last and boys first during the selection of teams on Sports day --everyweek that is.Now Tasha could not just ignore what Marc had just said.After all she believed strongly in ~EQUALITY~ and ~HUMAN RIGHTS~.Tasha turns to him and says,"Excuse me,forgive me for intrusion in your little chat but I overheard what you and your friends were talking about and I would like to know what you meant by the statement you just made." "Well in sports boys are always better than girls." "What?! I believe you don't know the meaning of those harsh unconsiderate words,why many of us believe everyone is equal in society.Boys are no better than girls and viceversa,now do tell me how are boys better Marc?

Hmm let me see...boys are better because:

A.We are tougher and way more stronger than your kind is.
(Our kind Tash thinks to herself with fury)

B.Girls complain about the rules too much!!!

C.Girls know nothing about sport such as atheletics, playing tennis and rugby.Face it some of these sports are too dangerous for y'all.Ya might get hurt,you get me??

'Oh, is that true,' she thought to herself. "What about Paula Radcliffe? She won a gold medal in the five thousand metres at the Commowealth Games.Isn't she a woman.In addition to that - what about the Williams sisters? Serena and venus are two of the the best tennis players in the world and NO I don't get cha.

What Marc said were half-truths.Well most boys are tougher and stronger BUT not all of them.Some girls know nothing about sport because they think there are cooler,finer and better things in life.Most people think girls should not participate in boys' sports because because they will hurt themselves.What I have to say is it is the girl's choice and if she does get hurt,it is her choice to continue with the sport if they're into it or not.GOD made us as equals and in future I hope girls will be considered as equal as boys are.

History has witnessed many boys and girls who are champions and won medals in different sporting activities.Therefore,I do not agree with those who say girls should not play sports played by boys.There are no sports for boys or girls only.It is a matter of individual choice.
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