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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Horror/Scary · #1144440
A script written for a class.
Setting: A rundown shop in downtown Manhattan, filled with tattered books, and pamphlets. Outside it’s silent although the sun is shining, though it’s extraordinarily windy, and cool. The shop is vacated.

Fayte: (Walking down the street with a bored expression, her IPod is playing “Hurt” by Korn as it dangles from her ears to the pocket of her black, ragged hoodie)

Elderly Woman: (Walks up to Fayte with a cheery smile, and places a veined hand on her right shoulder gently) Why, hello there Miss Matthis. I heard all about your mother in the pageant, such a shame that she broke her leg, but you know, these things happen dear. The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes. (Nods her head either to add effect or because she honestly can’t control herself she just believes it’s so true)

Fayte: (Pulls her shoulder away and stares cruelly into the woman’s eyes) She’s NOT my mom. (Looks at the ground to hide the tears and frustration)

Elderly Woman: (Smiling and nodding) The Lord wants her to be your mother, child, so appreciate what you’ve got. Imagine if you lived with your birth mother, a drunk, for goodness sake. Let me tell you now, you’re better off. (Still nodding)

Fayte: (Is standing with her fists clenched inside the large pocket of her hoodie, and at this point is doing all that she can to restrain herself from harming the old lady) If YOU say so.

Elderly Woman: (Nods) Oh, I do, dear, I do. Some things were just meant to be. (Her face breaks into a misplaced smile, and she clasps Fayte’s shoulders with too much force for an old woman) Sometimes you have to realize that some people were just meant to lose their heads, while others avoid it by a twist of fate, if you know what I mean. (Lets go of her, and then pulls her shawl tighter around herself) It’s a bit cold, my dear, to be wandering these dreary streets alone, would you care to stop by for a cup of tea? Maybe a crumpet?

Fayte: (Confused, and shaken, starts shaking her head no) ...tha-that’s okay. I...better get going, I’ve got to meet my mom at home for dinner. (Begins to walk off, turns around to wave, but the woman is gone)

Fayte: (Continues walking down the street, and soon forgets about the woman, and loses herself in the signs of the shops around her and the music. She spots a little bookstore and walks up to the dusty window and peers curiously inside. She rubs the side of her fist against it and tries to get a better look, but can’t. The door reads “For Renovation”, but she decides to go inside anyways.)

Fayte: (Stepping over cardboard boxes, and sending a spray of mildew with each step she goes to the farthest shelf and picks up a random book to read the title) “Anthology of Satanic Mantras.” (Starts flipping through the pages, raising an eyebrow with each turn of the page) “Dissecting Cadavers.” (Turns pages and grimaces as body parts familiar to her own are split wide) “How to Commit the Perfect Murder” (Replacing the books she sits down on a bench, and picks up a binder filled with random photographs and newspaper clippings from the time of her early childhood)

Fayte: (As she continues flipping through it, she begins to see photos of herself, and her foster family that no one should ever have had access to, and then recent photos taken earlier in the week, shocked, she drops the book, stands up and backs into a body)

Stranger(male): (Stands there as if she hadn’t backed into him and then bends down and picks up the scrapbook from the floor, blowing the residue from it) It’s quite disturbing isn’t it, that a random bookstore would contain these personal memories of yours? You’d be surprised how often it happens actually.... (His voice trails as his mind seems wander into some unknown thought)

Fayte: (Her feet firmly planted against the floor can’t make any noise, other than a slightly pathetic bubbling in the back of her throat)

Stranger: (Is still thinking) Hmm....oh well. (His attention returns to Fayte) So, are you interested in the knowledge of where all of this “evidence” I’ll say for lack of better words originated, or are you just going to stand there like a mindless zombie? (He’s obviously amused by his curious smile)

Fayte: (Is extremely pale, and seems unable to say a word, so the stranger continues to ramble)

Stranger: (Seems unsurprised that she doesn’t say anything, and strides towards her with catlike grace, and then tucks his hand behind his ears) Actually, lets take a step back, we seem to have forgotten about the simple formalities that come with most first time acquaintances. (Sits down on a stool and pulls her down onto the one in front of him) My name...well...that’s temporarily unimportant, so I’ll start with a question, rhetorical, and you just sit there and look interested, okay? Just to begin with, okay?
(Seems excited and keeps patting his knees in anticipation)

Stranger: Well, you’re the first person who’s ever dared enter this little nightmarish sanctuary of mine. (looks at her with a smile that seems like it will never fade) What I really want to know is what makes you so unlike the rest? What gives YOU permission to barge in here, to invade my privacy, to rudely ignore the sign on the door that says “DO NOT ENTER”? Huh? (Has pushed her against the bookshelf and is shaking her furiously, and then holds her there, eyes blazing) That’s what I’d REALLY like to know.

Fayte: (Is trying to figure out ways to escape, and begins mumbling) ...I...I....I dunno......

Stranger: (Lets go of her and then his frown spreads into a giant and genuine smile) How was that? You know, that’s exactly how I am when I’m angry with someone. I just can’t control myself. (Is waving his hands around to express himself) It’s like my head goes blank and when I wake up there’s blood all over the walls and a body on the floor. It’s really quite funny when you think about it. But, I was just acting right then, I was. (Suddenly changes the topic) You know, you have a VERY interesting name, that’s the first thing I ever noticed about you, your name. (Is rambling) That’s why I chose you, because your name is Fayte, like fate, ya know? (Is wringing his hands in his lap) Maybe you DON’T know. You will though, I can promise you that. By the end of this, it will all make sense. (Stands up and stretches)

Fayte: (Is sitting there, intrigued, and nervous)

Stranger: (Leans against a shelf, and stares at her) ...I’ve been watching you for a long time, studying your every move, and marking down your behaviors, and lately you’ve been disappointing me, and that’s how I knew I had to intervene. To save you from losing your true essence, that’s how I knew that it was time. I just have to make sure that when the clock runs out you’ll fulfill your destiny, your purpose. (Is preaching to her)

Fayte: (Gaping)

Stranger: (Kneels in front of her and takes both of her hands into his like he doesn’t want her to be alone when he tells her the next thing) Now Fayte, please don’t be too angry with me, but there’s something I have to tell you. (Is nervous) I don’t want to because I don’t want to lose you, but you HAVE to know.

Fayte: (Finally manages to speak) .....yes? (Is frightened for her life and the lives of her “family”)

Stranger: (Looks into her eyes) ...When you were six, your parents were killed in a fire that devoured them while they were both drunk and passed out, am I correct? (Looks up as if to debate whether or not to continue)

Fayte: (Starts to speak, but the man presses his fingers to her lips to induce silence)

Stranger: The police and FBI could never figure out who was behind the murders, and I must confess, it was I who killed your family. I lit a match and watched the entire house burn while you were safely sleeping at your friend’s house. (Looks at her pleadingly)

Fayte: (Furious) YOU killed my parents. YOU killed them, (Stands up and pushes him against the shelves, forcing books to crash to the floor) WHY? Tell me why. (Is now pleading with him)

Stranger: (Gently pushes her away and turns his back to her) It had to be done. The first time I ever saw you I was eight years old, and your name was on a roster list that had been accidentally misplaced in my teacher’s classroom, and I knew I had to find out who this girl with the mysterious name was. So, I volunteered to be an assistant for a day in your third grade class, and was transfixed by your every move. (Lost in the memory) You were so perfect, all alone in the corner with your yellow bruises and the cuts all over your wrists, and when you were enraged by that barbaric teacher of yours I saw the fire blazing in your icy eyes and I knew, I KNEW more than I know now what I was supposed to do. So I lit your family on fire. (He was smiling with fervor)

Fayte: (Blank expression)

Stranger: (Hands clenched in victorious fists) You’ve proved me right, you know? Up until now that is. (Frowns) Why have you been doing this, your destiny is inside you Fayte, it’s just bursting for freedom, and it’s almost time. So, why, why are you forsaking the glorious path that has been set out for you? WHY? (Says in an acidy way)

Fayte: (Empty of any really emotion) And what is this so-called-glorious destiny of mine? To rot with my foster parents forever, or better yet, to become some twisted pervert who enjoys fucking up people’s lives like you? (Reaches into her hoodie) Glad to here my existence is so fucking worthwhile to you, but, quite frankly, I’d rather not be living it. (Pulls out a razorblade) I think you’re right about one thing, it’s almost time, and now is better than ever. (Holds it to her wrist and makes a slanted gash, the blood starts dripping instantly)

Stranger: (Comes up next to Fayte and holds her close) Oh, Fayte, this is what has always made you so attractive. (Puts his lips to her wrist and licks the blood with his tongue and shudders in fulfillment) But, you should know that this isn’t how the story goes, not at all. (Smiles reassuringly)

Fayte: (Pulls away) Fuck destiny.

Stranger: (An instant rage is shown in his now-gleaming eyes, and as Fayte starts to make her way through the aisles of shelves he grasps the hood of her shirt and yanks her back, forcing her to look into his eyes) I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to leave, I won’t let you screw up the future I have lain out so perfectly at your feet.

Fayte: (Brows furrowed) Did you ever once wonder whether or not I would agree to your desires?

Stranger: (Grinning) I always knew you’d never have a choice. I’ve ALWAYS been stronger than you, always faithful to my set path, while you faltered. And when you faltered, I pushed you back on track, I showed you the way, and this is how you repay me? By fucking everything I’ve strived for up almost beyond repair. (Thrusts her to a chair and ties her there) I never wanted it to come to this, but until you comprehend and agree to your task, I will have you under constant watch. (Stern)
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