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This poem is very sad
I sit in the dark waiting for you to come out and talk.
I start to talk to the dark; it talks back.
I don't recognize the voices I hear.
I told the dark who I loved; they said aww thats so sweet.
I got up from where I was sitting and I looked out the window.
I said look at those happy little children, I wish I could be like
I start my story so that every one can hear what I have to say before I go.

It's like no one cares for that little girl that cries her tears,
for no one even knows she's here.
She goes to school like every one else it seems, normal without a
People scream to her, they say you need help...
do I or do they?
I sit here all alone waiting for the sun to come up and what do you
I see something in the cold.
I go outside to see what or whom it is, hoping to make a new friend.
The wind is blowing straight into my face, its kind of cold with only
and a tee shirt on.
There it is something lying in the snow; she looks frozen and it
looks just like me.
So heres my story if anyone cares, the girl who wanted to be loved,
died from suicide.
No one came to her funeral because there wasn't one who knew I was
even gone
except the one who killed me that day
You may say that I needed help, without a doubt, so heres my story
that Im passing out
so please tell me you care if you dare.

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