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Discovered in ever restless, drifting leaves, serendipity in the meaning of life.
*Leaf1* Grounded
upon a *Leaf3* cement path
leaves lie*Leaf2*
like words
scrambled and scattered
*Leaf3* by the wind *Leaf4*

You chase them
down the walk
*Leaf5* but their wonder
is swept away
before the eager
can grab hold *Leaf1*
to find no meaning

Too far away                                        *Leaf2*
for the mind                                *Leaf4*          *Leaf3*
to reach
your venture ends
with a visit
to a vacant bench
And a leaf
         floats down
                   beside you *Leaf5*

All your life
spent chasing
on unseen strings
and the prize
you win
         *Leaf3* is for giving in.*Leaf2*

Clutching Leaves  (E)
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