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Our relationship was in Autumn in her heart before her Winter suddenly arrived.
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My heart is as bright
as the color of the fall tree
you stand beneath,
clutching leaves,

Warm brown eyes,
moist as the glistening dew,
reawaken me
on this early new day.

My legs like coils
leap at your call.
We share the green grass
that clings to our clothes.

Your eyes are my eyes
on this golden morn,
where sunlight spreads
over the rising obstacle.

You look away to see
what the light brings,
where nature breathes
and sighs our content.

Without warning,
joy and expectation
flee to the forming clouds,
there on our horizon.

Your eyes like caverns,
indifferent to autumn,
summon winter's advance,
as we stand alone together,
clutching leaves.

Everything can suddenly change. For me, I didn't see what she saw. She saw something in the future I did not. Wherever we were going as a couple, it would not be romantic anymore.

26 lines, free verse

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