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by Harry
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Happy story.
The Perky Polka-Dotted Poodle

A Read Aloud Series Book

The perky polka-dotted poodle painted proper purple platypuses peeling puce papaya fruits for payment by participating patrons preparing parties for a pretty bride and groom.

A pea-green Pekingese perceiving poodles prefer a pleasant perfume picked a peck of peonies and placed them in the room.
The poodle paused performing to peer up at the peonies and then produced a perfect pirouette that promptly caused a breeze.

Professionals profess that peonies provide a perfume partly potent and possibly intoxicating;
if you please.

Perhaps partially pixilated poodles painting platypuses is a most peculiar sight to see.
But the poodle pranced preposterously while painting paw paws, pears, and peas.

He paused from his perambulating to partake of the intoxicating aroma that was emanating from the potent peonies.

The poodle’s palate-pleasing paintings, produced a preponderant pile of payments, which proves
that peonies provide pecuniary profits and…

…possibly a sneeze!

Praising proper paragons of piety, the perky polka-dotted poodle politely picked particles of paper proffered by the potency provided by the breeze…

…projected by the sneeze!

Parading past the platypuses, peeling the papayas, a pretty paco plodded, paying no one any heed.

It was followed by a packhorse,portaging a package for the padre who professed the parcel was something very special he would need.

A pair of penguins, puzzled by the proceedings, padded closer to the poodle while preparing for an exit if the poodle wasn’t pleased.

But the poodle paid no attention to the prying by the penguins, he was peering at a pelican, pausing while it wheezed.

Perhaps, pondered the polka-dotted poodle, the pelican is protecting another package for the padre, who prefers presents more than being paid a paltry fee.

The panda was perplexed as well, perceiving prominent protrusions from the pelican’s puffy pouch, it was very plain to see.

The palace patio partying preceded pomp and posturing, prepared with great pomposity, to pacify the wedding pair.
The padre preached their purpose, plainly praising precious plaudits, while pausing periodically to pummel the pious air.

The wedding pair poised politely while the padre prophesied a paradise, so they promised one another to be caring and be wise.

Perplexed by all he’d seen, the polka-dotted poodle pondered how the padre could propose such a panoramic dream. All the poodle had perceived in the parcels were pitch pipes, and what kind of paradise could a pitch pipe bring? ♫

But when the padre played the tones and the choir began to sing, the polka-dotted poodle could hear the voices ring. He heard the platypuses and a Pekingese or two, and the deep base of the paco, that’s a voice he really knew.

And the packhorse and the parakeet and the pelican as well, joined in perfect harmony with the pealing of the bell. Then the panda and the penguins began to sing up high, joined by the baritones of ponies passing by.

What a pleasure to enjoy such a special serenade, and the poodle saw the groom’s bride who was no longer afraid.

She left the room with the groom followed by her banquet train, and the polka-dotted poodle never saw the two again.

Now the wedding is all over, and the partying he’ll miss, but most of all, the perky polka-dotted poodle didn’t get a farewell kiss.


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