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Some moms are wonderful cooks, I wish mine was.

by Terry Burres

There are lots of things that my mom can do better than almost anyone. She drives a car better than the race car drivers on TV. She can make-up the best stories a kid ever heard. She can throw a baseball, a football, and a basketball. My mom is the greatest mom of all times.

There is only one little thing that my mom can not do. My mom just can not cook. I mean it! She has a hard time boiling water without burning it. Let me tell you what I mean.

Last week my mom was going to make spaghetti. She even had a copy of a recipe from a book that I borrowed from the library. The recipe was the easiest one in the book. My mom got out all of the things that was on the list in the recipe. She put all of them on the table. She read the directions one more time then she mixed first one thing and then another.

She did everything that the book told her do. I sat and watched her work on that dinner. She really worked hard. When it was time for dinner we sat down. The spaghetti was gummy on the outside and hard on the inside. Poor mom had tried so hard.

If you think that mom just had a bad day or something let me tell you about some of the things that we eat at my house.

Mom has a habit of trying to fool us into eating whatever it is she cooks. One of her favorite things to do is to add food coloring to our dinner so that we will eat it.
We have red mash potatoes. We have green oatmeal with raisins. We have purple soup. We have orange meat sandwiches.

When my mom is feeling creative in the kitchen sometimes it is better if you do not ask too many questions about what kind of stuff mom has fixed.

My dad, sister, and I all try to pretend not to notice when things happen when mom cooks. The time that the hot dogs blew up in the microwave. What A Mess!

The next week mom almost burned down the kitchen when the pan she was using caught fire. Dad knew how to put out the fire, Thank Goodness.

I swear I am so glad that mom does not get the urge to cook very often. We could go broke if we had to throw out the food every night the mom fixes. We would spend all of our money on doctor bills.

What I am most glad of is that my dad is such a GREAT COOK!

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