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Rated: 18+ · Novella · Romance/Love · #1148508
A story of passion where two undercover cops find the game of pretend becomes very real.
Deep Cover - a novella in the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL anthology
Available Now from http://www.triskelionpublishing.net

Blurb: Helena Peters has been in love with Dimitri and his tall, dark and sexy body ever since she joined the police force five years ago. And it doesn't help that Dimitri parades a string of girlfriends as long as his arm in front of her constantly and has never looked at her as anything other than his partner.

His Greek heritage was responsible for Dimitri Michael's arrogance, but it was his police training that kept his partner and himself safe while the mission continued. Little did he know his habit of hiding his feelings would come in so handy. Helena Peters, good ole "Hels" his partner and friend was not the same person he remembered. Why was the only girl in his dreams now the one who had been right under his nose all the time? And could he keep her safe long enough to convince her he meant it?

Reviews for Deep Cover

"Ms. Nash kept me on the edge of my chair through the entire story. The sex was hot, and the interaction between Hels and Dim was awesome. There wasn't one dull moment in this book. I didn't want to stop reading, not even to pick my daughter up from her playdate." - 6 wands, Astrea, Enchanted Ramblings

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