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Two best friends form a band that becomes a national success.
Rowan and Davineighe(Davie) were best friends since they were in diapers, one day during a bored summer after high school they came up with a plan that would launch them into superstars.

"I'm sooooo bored. We just graduated from high school we should be having the time of our damn lives! But instead we're sitting here....bored." Rowan said as she laid back on the prickly sand. "Let's start a band." Davie suggested. "No way. That sounds like a completely horrible idea!" Rowan said lifting up out of her laid back position. "How is that a bad idea Rowan? I mean come on I play guitar and I sing. You play guitar and you sing. Put that together we got a band." Davie said sitting up.

"What about drums?" Rowan said looking at her seeming intrested in what she was about to say. "I'll ask Griff." she said throwing a name out there. "Your ex-boyfriend Griff?!" she said looking at her sternly. "He's a great drummer Row," she said trying to put on a sad face. "Psst." Rowan laid back down. "We're still good friends in spite everything. But he is a good drummer." she said with a serious face. "You're kidding me?" Rowan said sitting up again. "No." she said. "Alright you'll talk to him?" Rowan asked. "Yes. I'll talk to him." she said looking at her seriously. Rowan rubbed the sand in between her fingers and looked at her. "Deal?" Davie said as she smiled and stuck her tounge out of the corner of her mouth. "Deal." she shook Davie's hand and smiled. "Now we just gotta find Griff." Rowan said as she gathered her things.

. . . . . . . . . .

Davie knocked on the door and Griff's mom was the one to open it. "Hi, Mrs. Sampras it's nice to see you again." Davie said smiling. "It's nice to see you again too Davineighe. You here to see Griff?" she said holding on to the door. "Yeah. I am." she said with her hands behind her back. "He's upstairs in his room." she let Davie come in and she went up the spiral stairwell. Davie went down the hall to Griff's room. She knocked on the door.

"Come in!" he screamed over the loud music playing in the backround. Davie opened the door and saw him laying on his bed and he laid his book down on his lap to see it was her. And he just smiled. "Hey, what's up?" Griff said with a smile.

Davie just looked at Griff. He was 5'11'' had curly brownish with a few blond splotches in it. He was half black-half white(bi-racial) and so was she. They really understood each other because they did go through similar situations and they felt the same things at times. And Davie just thought to herself why did I break up with him in the first place?

"Can I get your coat?" Griff asked her as he got his backpack off his bed.

I can not believe I broke up with this guy to be with Bobby Undemiyer! Ohh God, he has perfect teeth, down to earth, funny, smart and he plays a instrument! I broke up with him to go out with a jackass like Bobby! Uhhh! Why am I so damn stupid?!!

"Davie," Griff called her as he put his book on the shelf. He turned around to find Davie looking in a daze. "Davie?" he walked closer to her. "Davie?" he said as he shook her. "Huh?" she said as she snapped out of what she was thinking to herself. "Are you okay?" he said staring at her. "Yeah. Just got caught in a moment." she said with a smile. "Good. I was worried about you." he let her go and walked over to his bed and sat down.

"What's up?" Griff said looking at Davie. "Nothing, really you?" she said sitting in his desk chair. "Not much. Just getting some realization I'm not in high school anymore." Griff said as he played with his guitar chip. "How did you get that to realization?" she said with a smile. "I just got accepted to USC on a full scholarship." he said with a lop-sided grin. "Ohh my God! Congratulations." she got up and hugged him. "That's great. I always wanted to play your drums. Can I try them?" she said putting her hair in a ponytail. "Yeah. Go ahead."

Davie sat down and picked up his sticks and started playing the drums.....very badly. Griff got up to show her how to do it. But she resisted and they ended up horsing around for the sticks and Davie ended up pushing him by the window and perceded back to the seat but he caught her and she turned around to look at him and they look in each others eyes and the smiles they have on their faces go away. And they start kissing, passionately. But they didn't hear someone come into his room.

"Is this your way of making him join the band?" said a woman's voice.

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