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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Action/Adventure · #1149484
this is a steoy about a boy who go into the wooods to find a myth about a montser
Hello name is John i live in a house the woods. One day i saw something in the woods i took my gun out of my bed room. It look like a seven foot montser. I ran up stair and call 911 just as the phone ring i lost power. John said i think lost but why he said. The montser was biten the power in half. John said that suck becase i can't call the cops. When john look around outside and did not see the montser he went back insaid the house and the montser was gone. John got something like a food and something to drink out of. A pictrue of his wife and john left his house to go and find this montser. It been day two when john left his house looking for the montser. It was friday May 20,1989 john was walking around in the woods he saw a cave it look drak inside it loike it was no moon out at night. One of the things that john brought was a flash light it work but just so john can see in side the cave. John got far a away from outside the cave that he couldn't see the light out side. John here a dipping sound he said WATER!!! Yes i can get something to drink. So john got his drink and went on to look of the montserjohn saw something on the wall it said "if you go past this point you will get hurt or die". John just look around and he was sraced to death. Jhon went into the turrel here bones beening broke and screem.
It was the montser it was so big that it make john look like a doll. The montser trun around and smelled the air he said "i smell a human" The montser ran out of the cave and john wacth run away
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1149484-The-Woods