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by George
Rated: 13+ · Novella · Teen · #1149596
Young Girl,Falling For a guy,Friends
Hello! Just for your background information a girl named Hayley Williams living right now in her senior year.Her friends are Meaghan,Brook,David and Elizabeth. This is an approved story so hopefully I did a little better then the other one. So enjoy..... *Bigsmile* _____________________________________________________________________
Chapter 1
-Give Up Every Chance-

"Hayley?Hayley?," I heard a voice say.I shook me head,out of my gaze of looking out the classroom window.

"You need to stop looking out the window,dear," My teacher said.

"Sorry." I felt guilty everytime I looked out the window and not pay attention whats going about in the class. I am a good student, I really am.

"Can you answer the question,dear?" I felt embarrassed because I didn't know the question. Okay maybe I do get bad grades.

"I-um-ah," I stuttered.

"Whats the matter?"

"I didn't hear...you..ask..the...question." Clarissa,the head cheerleader who is dating the star of the football team, looks at me and flips her strawberry blonde hair and mumble something to her friends.Probaly about me. Figures Her group of friends started to laugh.

"Well I will repeat it if you would like." I nodded my head in embarrassment.

"Maybe you should pay attention in class,you would get more things done," Clarissa glared.

"Clarissa thats enough, now hayley do you know one of shakespeare's creations?" I thought of one,even though I am not really fond of shakespeares.

"Romeo and Juliet?," I answered quietly. I waited for her 'correct'

"Correct. Now I want you to write a story of your own over the winter break. It can be about anything just remember to do it,alright kids." Some kids groaned at the sound of those words.

"Lightnen up, a few pages or over 100 words at least geesh," the teacher threw her hands in the air.The bell rings, so we are dismissed to lunch.I walked over to Ms.Wright desk.

"Sorry,Ms. Wright for daydreaming." I looked down at my Blue converses.

"Its Okay honey,and don't let clarissa bring you down." She elbowed me on my side which made me twitch. She started to laughed which turned into a snort.

"Alright, see you after winterbreak,Ms. wright." she gave me hug and I walked to my locker to get my lunch.Some Muscualar guy shoved me into the lockers which made my pencil break.He started to laugh.

"Jerk," I mumbled. I put my combo in and open my locker. I shoved my books into my locker like an angry old guy and grabbed my paper bagged lunch. I slammed my locker and headed to the cafeteria. I opened the corridors to the one place I hate walking into to. I saw my friends sitting at the table near the vending machine.The Usual place

"What took you so long!," Meaghan exclaimed,grabbing me and placing me next to her. Meaghan Mason was the geekiest,loudest,and the nerdiest person you could ever meet. She goes to the after school clubs like DND(dungeons and dragons I know its sad) and the official pokemon league club. She doesn't look the part but who said she had to.

I also sat next to Brook elm.She is a hardcore skateboarder who won 5 competions. Yeah,she kicks ass.

Across from me was my BEST guy friend,David Desrosiers.He is the sweetest,Nicest guy in the entire world. Of course I don't have a crush on him because I consider him as a friend.Well maybe I have some feelings. Nah,what I am kidding. He has a girlfriend. Which Leads me to Elizabeth Pratt. She's my friend because I annoyed her in 5th grade and I regret that day,seriously. I would have to say she is slutty and preppy, I seriously think David would go for someone like that. Tall,Pretty,A blonde,slutty and David is a Short,(but taller than I am) Blonded Brown Rooted hair,ADD kid. I seriously think thats a weird match...well oppisites do atrract.

My mind got interuppted by a perky voice. I twitched.HATE PERKY,GET AWAY!!!!!!!! I KNOW RUBBER CHICKEN KUNG-FOO!!

"Hayley?Hayley?," the perky voice said again.I shook my head.There I go again.

"Yes,what were you saing Elizabeth." I slouched down. She smiles.

"Do you want to go to mountains this winter break, my mom has a cabin up there we can stay in."

"I have an assignment to do in english."

"You can do it there,come on, please,say yes!," she pouted. I really hate when people do that.

"Okay,I will ask my mom." I threw my lunch in the garbage. I wasnt hungry at all when they started to kiss,of joy.YUCK.

"You guys are so cute together it makes me sick." HAHAHAHA good one Meaghan. She hated it too. The lunch bell rung and we went our separate ways.
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