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by adam
Rated: 18+ · Critique · Comedy · #1150705
God i love ranting, its better than sex (well probably not).
what a stupid fucking country! dont get me wrong i mean the people are lovely, but what the hell is going on with the land they live in!

for starters 90% of the place is inhospitable meaning no fucker can live there, 20 million people crammed into a confined space, thats asking for trouble, thats like cramming a jew, a nazi and a paedo into a shoebox and hoping theres not going to be a fight. stupid!

And heres another thing, the country harbours not only the 10 most deadliest spiders in the world, but also the 10 most deadliest snakes! fuck that!

Oh and that toss bag fucker steve erwin can go shit in a hole for all i care, that man is living proof that under the right conditions miscarriages do survive! what a total fanny wart, ' im going to put my hand near this extremely deadly snake cos its fun! YAY! ' round of applause for steve erwin everyone, you little shit stain!

and what about the animals! god there funny, kangaroos, australias most treasured marsupial, a lovely creature, and what do us brits do when its introduced to this country, WE EAT IT! ha, now thats what i call progress!

well at the end of all this i can honestly say i feel no better about australia, but dont worry its a huge country so hopefully in the near future a meteorite might crash into it and send it back to the stone age, australia, go blow off my hairy ball sack you mother fucker!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1150705-Rants