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The 1st in a series of morning pages... Maybe one day they will grow up to be a book.
Well the sand bird was ready to dive deep within the multitude of colors packed firmly through her elongated stretched taffy neck.... until she had to decide whether each grain of sand was suitable for everyones eyes.
This is the first lesson in considering an audience... I'll get there yet.

Having risen this morning right in the center of the bed, today could go in any direction. As a matter of fact within the span 2 hours the full gamut has been explored. How is it possible that one person that seems so level headed may of experienced both heartbreak and falling in love within 120 minutes... in that order?

In the age of zanax perscriptions and vicodin addictions, few seem to be looking inside for an answer because our local friendly doctor really is the oracle. I guess mama's little helper never really went out of style.

Ha! There is some gratification to be found within the series of tiny confusions that make up our little world though. Even our good God fearing pussy lovin' homophobic constuction workers don't realize that thay are cat calling a tranny. Good for her/him, (s)he got just what (s)he wanted and somehow so did I. A silent revenge on those close minded bastards. Yes, they have families too, I know, but fuck.... they are then just pollenating and breeding such ignorant contempt. (Is this contemp any better a breed of it than theirs?) Well, whatever the case may be, I got my pleasure, (s)he did and those damn contruction workers did too. I guess in the end we are all happy and that's all that can be asked for in a day.

Another shift is coming on and our ever jaided herion must tend to her breakfastly duties in order to see to it that the middle does not become the wrong side of the bed.
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