Creative fun in
the palm of your hand.
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An attempt to describe the feeling of creativity in poetic form.
Emptiness waiting to be filled.
A start, a beginning,
A jumping off point,
A plunge into a sea of new ideas.

An opportunity, a playground for imagination.
A home for dreams.
A new world.
A new universe.
All are waiting to be created.

As a sculptor cuts away the clay,
A writer cuts away the nothingness.
The goal, to reveal something new,
Something different.
Something beautiful.

An idea appears in the artist's mind,
As if a candle has been lit,
The writer lifts the pen,
As a painter takes to the canvas,
A writer takes to the page.

Painting a picture with words,
Filling the void of an empty page.
Both are true.

Pulling ideas out of the mind,
Throwing them onto a page,
Organizing, refining them,
Not an easy task for most,
But the end result is wonderful.

Out of the silence, out of the emptiness,
Something is formed.
The birth of an idea.
A new creation.
A new life.

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