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He broke the hearts of young girls, only to find himself heartbroken in the end...

I know your face, your deep blue eyes,
That laugh, your lips,
That solid disguise,
You played your part,
And so did I,
when curtain falls,
Then do we die?

I lost your love some time ago,
Lost to a friend, she’s now a foe,
She loves you deeply,
I look in your eyes,
It’s nothing to you,
You’re in your disguise

How can you act the way you do?
Make others fall and live for you?
It is as if you live to break,
The hearts of many; some to take.

I know someday you'll feel the same,
You took the treasure,
Now take the blame,
Feel that rain fall on your face,
Scream and cry with no embrace

Take closer glimpses on what you do,
Turn that cold, fake heart to true,
Unless it’s already turned to black,
All that I've done I can't take back
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