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by jay617
Rated: · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1151942
This is a story of a young man and a woman who goto a planet full of dragons to save Earth
The Beginning of Time

Today is just another normal day for Rodikusho and Ranina. They are at there office mindlessly sitting in their cushiony office chairs spinning around in a cricle. Rodikusho speaks up and says "What are we supposed to be doing again?"

"We are conducting research on how to reach other planets in faster ways."
"Oh yeah! And why are we doing this again?"
"Cause we need the money and if we dont get to work we are going to be fired."
"Dont scold me! Your not working either!."
"Thats because im on break. You should be working."
"On break from what? You dont do anything."
"Just get to work!"
"Okay okay i will," as Rodikusho sets to work their boss, Jenessa, comes into the room. As she heads over to Ranina's desk she says, "Im sending the two of you on a special mission in space. Due to you research, or your lack there of, you will be the first ones to experiment our new way of traveling in space. We call this TOOETAP."
"Toetap?" Rodikusho smirks.
"Transport Out Of Earth To Another Planet. TOOETAP. You will be taking this new means of transportation to a planet called, Ethely. We will be contacting you through this device. It is called a Talkamajig. You press down the button to speak and stop pressing it to listen. Good luck out there you two." As these two head for the Tooetap the crowd looks up at them. In this crowd there families and everyone they have ever known and fell in love with looks up at their faces. A tear rolls down Ranina's cheek as she thinks about the first day she began working at Noon corp.

Chapter 2
-Flash back-
"Hello Ms. Jenessa." Ranina tries her best to suck up.
"Hello Ranina are you ready to start your first day of work?"
"Yes mam but umm, I brought someone along to start work with me i hope you dont mind..."
"Im extremely sure she doesnt mind Ms. Ranina" Says Rodikusho as he bursts in the room with a hawaian shirt and green slacks on.
"Ms. Janessa this is Rodikusho," Ranina says with an embarrased expression,"He is my good friend from college."
Yes hello Mr. Rodikusho. Im Janessa. You can call me Ms. Janessa." Ms. Janessa says with attitude.
"Hello Ms. Janessa. Its a pleasure to meet you." Rodikusho says as he mumbles, "You think we are meeting the president or something."
"Shut up Rodikusho your going to get us in trouble on our first day!" Ranina said while shushing Rodikusho.
"What did he say to me Ms. Ranina?" Ms. Janessa said supicously.
"He said nothing to you or about you mam i am sorry for busting like that please forgive me." Ranina says as she jabs Rodikusho's side hard.
"Ow!" Rodikusho screams.
"What was that Mr. Rodikusho?" Ms. Janessa asked.
"Nothing Ms. Janessa," Rodikusho said painfully.
"Well here is your office. We only had one office open for one employee so you will both share it. You are now partners. START WORKING!" Ms. Janessa yelled.

Chapter 3
-On The Road again-
(this chapter will come soon but i need more inspiration please send me ideas. Thank You)
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