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Glimpses of history in my life
History of My Life

I sit here today looking back at my life,
for much more of the river lies behind
than flows before me to the final sea.
The things that now reside in text books
make the mountains and valleys crossed.

Vaguely I recall because of stories heard
World War II and the Koren Conflict,
for that took my daddy away for a while.
The Berlin Wall arising caused discussion
in my classrooms and in the newspapers.

One fall day, as I tended my first child,
the television on as background noise,
the tenor of the messages changed to alarm.
My attention became fixed on the sights
and sounds of shots fired in Dallas.

When we became embroiled in Vietnam,
friends were called to serve and leave.
Hainoi Jane left her mark on my mind,
encouraging the "Me" generation
to greet the returning military with hatred.

The "Wall" came down, destroyed
by those escaping, searching for freedom.
The Evil Regime corroded from within,
with the balance of world power uneven,
tilted ever more toward the United States.

April 19, 1995, a massive explosion
rocked Oklahoma City, sending smoke,
devastating debris, causing loss of life.
Tiny children crushed, bleeding, dying:
Collateral Damage to a hate-filled heart.

Students and I watched in shock
the pictures on the TV in the corner,
the classroom quiet except for sobs.
Some teens left in fear, hoping a parent
or grandparent wasn't left in the rubble.

Six years later, on September 11,
undeclared war hit our shores.
First one then the other Twin Tower fell
from planes colliding, creating fire-balls.
One hit the Pentagon - death, destruction.

The phone rang right after the first impact,
my youngest, in tears, angry beyond belief:
"Mom, turn on the news! Oh, God, I can't believe ..."
I stared in horror as the second plane struck
and listened as my "tough" son sobbed.

Wars here and there have come and gone;
9-11 triggered another that spread,
the battle in our own land the worst.
People want to forget or place blame
on anyone except the culprits, how sad.

Prop planes existed before I came,
and jets started crossing the skies
after I was old enough to remember.
I watched as man first stepped on the moon
and wiped a tear or two that night.

Many things I've seen evolve and change,
but people ever seem the same:
Some care and work for a better world,
while others want better for themselves.
But soldiers give their lives for both.
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