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Elina's stepmom Judith refuses to let her out of the house. Will she go AWOL?
Sneakin’ Out

Act I

Elina: No, Jenna…I’m really sorry, I know that I’m gonna miss Whitewall. I wish I could come but Judith won’t let me go since my Dad’s out of town. (pauses) Yeah, he’s in D.C.
If there were any other way…
(From offstage): ELINA! Would you come downstairs?…and get off the phone. I want the line to be free if Mr. Pholler calls. I have a salon appointment at 5:30 now get off the PHONE!!
Elina: Jen—I gotta go…(said sarcastically)Judith wants the phone to be free if her boss calls. Bye. I'm coming…Judith! Let me get my shoes...now where--
(Judith suddenly enters onstage, surprising Elina)
Judith: Who said you were coming with me?! You have to stay here and do the chores. Let’s see…you have to feed the dogs…
Elina: Don’t you mean your dogs?
Judith: No, there your responsibility. Feed the dogs, organize my weekly calendar, clean the house...it's a trainwreck, and make my appointments.
Elina: And do I hear a please?!
Elina: Then why should I do it?
Judith:You'll do it because I said so!!(Judith glares at Elina, looks at her watch, and leaves.)
Elina: (to audience): So typical. When my Dad isn’t home, Judith dominates this house.She's a monster It’s not fair, she only married Dad for his money…which there really isn’t much of anymore since Judith took over the bank account. She buys herself new clothes every week; she should’ve just stayed in California. But my Dad’s in our wonderful capitol, Washington D.C., working with some senators about some building contract. Sometimes, it’s like I don’t even matter to him anymore, after Mom died. All he does is work, work, work, and I wish he had more time to spend with me.

Song 1: This Is Life

Elina: Whoever said that life isn’t a bed of roses was exactly right. My life wasn’t exactly this bad. Especially when my mom was still living, and even after she was diagnosed with Leukemia our family was still together. Now look where my life is… (Phone rings)Hello? Jenna! Hi! What’s up? Not much here. WHAT?!?! You won backstage passes to meet Whitewall! I know I said I couldn’t come to the concert but somethings changed, come over…ASAP! (hangs up). We'll see who wins the battle this time...(fades to black)
(Lights up, Elina and Jenna sitting in Elina's bed)
Jenna: What?!
Elina: Yup, I'm going to sneak out to see Whitewall.
Jenna: This is not right, what if we get caught? What if this goes on my permanent record!
Elina: Stop having a spaz-attack Jen--weare going to see Whitewall. I don't care about anything Judith does from this point on...HECK! if she sends me to boot-camp it would still be better than being here.
Jenna: But you wouldn't have me.
Elina: True,true. That could lead to my inevitable gorge into misery...hmmm...depression or Whitewall concert and backstage passes. (long, dramatic pause...) I'll take Whitewall anyday.
Jenna: I'm still not so sure about this...but I have always yearned to do something rebellious.
Elina: Exactly, I mean, what else can save you from boredom in this suburban wasteland...except for a great emo-inspired, alternative rock concert?!
Jenna: Hmmm...okay...but you better have a good plan.
Elina: (turns to audience) Oh...I do.

Song 2: Sneakin' Out (Don't Care What They Do)

--To Be Continued--
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