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Our fate on the highway of llfe.
Blinding headlights and splat!
My life lies on the wheel
that turns and crushes me flat.

Revolutions pound me
between rubber and asphalt
into the tread I dread.

Drunk on fumes I inhale,
numb the rotting flesh
from the studs that impale.

Melded in their grooves,
I try to work myself loose,
and miss that part of me
now two miles back.

God’s sorrow wets my path.
Love that drowns
is giving me a bath

before the gravel grinding curve,
cranking and turning hard left
to avoid another roadkill.

Haphazard life slows down.
I rejoice the nearing end
with a wretched frown.

Rumpled furry death,
yearning to be unfettered,
died to make the most
of a sticky situation.

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