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Two poems: One: about an Indian Princess. Poem Two: Cherokee Woman's reflections..
I am Wind Dancer-an Indian Princess.
I stand on the mountain top to look and admire the lake.
Clouds in the sky, a beautiful day, I promise this land of beauty will
always be caressed.
This land belongs to us, my Indian people-our land the white man will never take.

The wind is blowing, my father told me how I got my name.
When I was born, the wind was blowing so soundly that night.
Spirit of the wind, Spirit of the flame.
It isn't hard to see the guiding light.

The eagle flies as he soars so high,
He promises to help my people in our time of need.
The wolf rules the forest and is our guide.
As an Indian Princess, the cries of my people I will heed.

Fog creeps in on the lake.
All is quiet in the mountain land.
All the promises that I make-
I hold the fate and hopes of my people lovingly in my hands.

My fathers before me were great leaders of the tribe.
My father is a chief and is respected and brave.
I chose a man like my father that I love who loves me
and I am proud to walk by his side as his bride.
He will help me and my father with our people to stay on
the trail of life that our ancestors paved.

I love my people. I love this land.
I am an Indian Princess.
I wear the title so proud and extend my hand.
I, Wind Dancer promise you the best of everything. The
Indian people will always be honored as a success!
Beautiful Native American couple, wolves, buffalo and eagle Poser.
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A Cherokee Woman's Reflections

The wind blows over the water.
This means that the fish will be plentiful.
The wind tickles a wolf's fur.
He licks his coat to keep it beautiful.

I am a Princess of Cherokee blood.
The spirits rule the land.
They protect the rivers and lakes from floods.
They also protect us with an invisible hand.

The wolf howls at the moon.
He tells us the future.
The sick young Cherokee baby will be well soon.
Sometimes, our people have a lot to endure.

I picked a red rose today.
A peaceful feeling comes over me.
To the spirits, we pray.
The great white buffalo I see.

The great white buffalo is a spirit-
Who watches over the Cherokee.
My people have true grit.
I brew a cup of special tea.

I read the tea leaves and a spirit visits me.
I walk with a wolf by the lake.
The wolf nudges my knee.
I smile and from my vision, I awake.

I love my people and I love this land.
Wolves, bears and eagles guide us through life.
I hold out my hand-
and the Cherokee man I love asks me to be his wife.

I hope the Cherokees will always be here.
Along with the animals and beautiful land-
and all that we hold dear.
I leave my Cherokee footprints in the sand.
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