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Free Verse, a child unlike any other, unique, forever loved.
Forever Loved: Of An Autistic Child

Three words, unsaid yet heard,
while left unspoken, tell more
stories than a thousand voices
aloft in garbled, off-key song
that warble in a group, but one is silent.

He does not smile along with all his peers.
His head bobs in time to a tune we cannot hear.
His eyes intent but sight snags only
on unknown forces, unseen faces.
All he knows, we do not know.

His peacefulness is like a serene lake
that quivers with a raging torrent
beneath the calm, unblemished surface.

Forgotten, almost, are the hours of tears
and rage and noisy cries of frustration.
Sense unmade for his world is
his own, a world unique;
A place we cannot go,
he cannot leave
where we meet only in the space
between two moments,
lost forever.

What worth is this, a life to live?
To see him grow but linger
in youthfulness, misunderstood.
He may never be like other boys
who play at trucks
and knights in shining armor
riding unseen horses
in the playground.

But he will always be my son
and in his mind such wonders rich
beyond our wildest imaginings.
His beauty, core-deep, tangent
and warming smile
lifts my heart with hope
for future days of joy.

What worth is this, a life to live,
forever loved?

[Author's Note: I'd really like to have this poem published outside of WDC so I'm looking for reviews that can help me polish it and make it sparkle and shine. Where do you feel the poem is weak or strong? Is there any part that does not make sense or leaves a blurry image? Are there any words that jump out at you? Why? How does this poem make you feel?]

[Author's Note: I don't personally have an autistic son but Nine years after writing this poem, my son was diagnosed. This was written for him, because I saw traces even back then. I hope I've captured something the mother of an autistic child can relate to; it certainly felt like this to me. If anyone who reads this is the parent of a child with autism I'd really love your feedback on what the experience is like for you and if I've come even close to giving a glimpse of how you feel (or have felt) seeing your child.]

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