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A gypsy girl, her albatross of life's questions, and what she discovers.
                   "The Carpetbag"

Young Gypsy Girl claimed and exclaimed the tiny words at first,
as heart-secrets stowed away in her breast pocket. Sometimes
poking through, falling out,
         tumbling over, and
                   scribbled here
         and there
                   and wherever,
         anywhere, as she pined.

"Maybe a locket will hold all of these,
and give me liberty," thought she.

Then alas! The lassie knew it was time to go.Trekking in tears, with body bent;
all those discouraged years, Gypsy wept as she went.
An albatross of questions she wore on her chest, don't you see?

Until one day, a pensive passerby did say,
"A valise might surely do."

Heart's life-questions she carried, later placed carefully into a carpetbag,
became a heavier load; no matter what Gypsy Girl asked or was lovingly told.

         Still struggling with:
         and most importantly,

Shiny black hair, her youth's pride; the long lovely locks were finally cut.
Tresses too heavy, she mis-thought; sighing, and never minding the weight
she wearily carried at her side.

Now grown; yet so petite, with pixie-cut hair.
Gypsy was struck with awe when she found him standing there
so handsome and very tall.
"Ahhh, but he's surely not for me," she pondered, pitifully.
Then their eyes met in a heartfelt glance. Was this really a romantic chance?
Unsure, she took up her familiar load and wandered on down the road.

         "Feathers light. Feathers bright.
         Cheery, airy....",
she sang throughout the moonlit night. Tirelessly, she traveled merrily along,
feet barely on the ground. No longer sad, you see. Then turning back around,
and checking out of habit mostly, his pixie girl looked into the carpetbag.
Not a question could be found.

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