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Silly fiction as an experiment.
Goin’ Fishin’

From outta’ nowheres a good old boy gave me a special invite to go fishin’. Now I wanna tell ya this weren’t yer ordinary, everyday, store bought fishin’ trip. This was a special kind, with two good buddies that only comes along like the eclipse of the moon and such.

Marvin said airin' up the tires on his boat trailer would be no problem. He told me Kenny was a bringin’ the refreshments. Those old boys sure do like their cold drinks, if ya know what I mean.

My old friend Marvin asked me to fetch more nightcrawlers than 'is gramma Sadie could carry. Na, she weren’t goin’, he just says that a lot fer some reason.

Well, bein’ the lucky man I am, it had been rainin’ like water falls over Niagara fer three days. My backyard was soaked to the gills. Right after supper I fetched my flashlight, got some coffee cans from the shed and proceeded to fill a can plum full of bait.

Long 'bout 10 o’clock I had another can filled, when the durn wind didn’t pick up. It was blowin’ so hard, I was fearin’ it was goin’ to blow the state line north. I paid no mind fer a spell cuz them nightcrawlers were jest waitin’ to be grabbed.

Wouldn’t ya know it though, the rain came down harder and the wind was blowin’ like those hurricanes I hear tell about in the Gulf of Mexico. I figured I had a plenty of worms, so I took off runnin’ in the dark faster than a melon thief.

Ten feet or a might less from the house I tripped over my dang lawn mower and went flyin’ like a June bug. My noggin hit a stump I was a fixin’ on removin’ last spring. It was “Goodnight Gertie” fer me. I was out; possum cold, fer goin’ on an hour or more.

While I’m lyin', face up, in the wet grass; all my worms skittered away.

Just as the sun was comin' up, Marvin and Kenny pulled up in front of the house. I told 'em what happened the night before. Shucks, they didn’t care. They knew I was the clumsy one.

Me, Marvin and Kenny all went "fishin’" anyway. We drank all them refreshments and had lots of fun, like friends do.

Prompt: Use these words in a story...hurricane, lawn mower and flashlight.

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