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Symmetry challenges me in this poem about ebb and tide.
Smothering swells tumble.
Dividing tides of cold grey
hurl above the watchful rocks.
I fear their misty spray
from where I've been lost.

Reversing walls carry out
my last tender sprout.
Voiceless to call out,
I'm plied to uncharted water;
unbound upon a dreaming sea.

White-capped crests lift up.
My heart rides, my soul strides,
evenly on symmetrical tides.
My heart dives, my soul glides;
the black counterpoint swallows.

Tethered to an enlightened sea,
I'm unfettered to familiar water.
Clamorous, yet I'm spent;
my first return is heaven sent
with the reversing walls of current.

From where I lay,
I relish the arriving day.
Embracing this heedless shelter
among splicing tides of heat, I pray
to restore what atrophy orders.

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