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What would happen if I ate junk food all day?
Should I eat junk food all day? I surely think so. How fun my day would be!
I'd start with chocolate chip cookies, a candy bar, and a rice krispy!
I know my mom wouldn't like that too much, but I know I surely would.
I'd have cake, ice cream, and peanut butter cookies for lunch, if I could.
After lunch, I'd need a good snack to keep me 'til supper time.
I was thinking some skittles, jolly ranchers, and maybe some chips with lime!
I wonder if I'd be bouncing up and down by now?
Running from here to there. Or would I just be laying down on the ground, like a big fat cow?
I know my mom wouldn't like me eating junk food all day, but I would surely ask her then,
"Can I eat my yummy supper in the den?"
She would look at me and laugh so hard when she would finally see,
that I had brownies with lots of icing and jelly beans and nuts all around, just for me!
Now I ask, do you think I should eat junk food all day?
My mom doesn't think I should, but as for me, honestly, my tummy can't handle it another day, NO WAY!!
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