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We never know what lives might be touched by our stories posted here.
Easy Evangelism
(Just Share Jellybeans)
by Marilyn Mackenzie

For some, the idea of sharing the Gospel or introducing others to Christ is a fearful thing. Yet, each of us should be ready to share the glorious things God has done in our lives.

One easy way to share God with your neighbors, especially at Easter time, is with the jellybean poem. Buy jellybeans and sort the colors. If you have a candy store nearby, you might want to buy the jellybeans from them and have them already separated. Place the colors mentioned in cellophane, tie with a pretty ribbon, and attach this poem:

RED is for the blood He gave;
GREEN is for the grass He made;
YELLOW is for his sun so bright;
ORANGE is for the edge of night;
BLACK is for the sins we made;
WHITE is for the grace He gave;
PURPLE is for His hours of sorrow;
PINK is for a new tomorrow;

A bag of jelly beans,
So colorful and sweet,
Is a prayer, a promise,
And a special treat.

For neighbor children, that’s all you need to do. Just sharing the love of Jesus is enough. For adult neighbors, write something about what God has done for you since you started following the Lord Jesus on a card. On the other side, explain the plan of Salvation. Have the cards laminated and attach to your jellybean gift.

Perhaps not everyone is capable of preaching a message, but each can give a gift such as this to friends, co-workers and neighbors. This is easy evangelism, something each of us can and do for the world around us.

More easy evangelism ideas:

For years, I was known as the one who made a creative gift basket for bridal showers and baby showers. The idea began because my budget was limited, but I still wanted to be able to plant seeds in the hearts of newlyweds or new parents.

Bride’s basket:

Container: Laundry basket


Woman’s Bible

Devotional book - perhaps a women's devotional or a couple's devotional book


A few favorite recipes – simple ones and ones for entertaining

A rubber band attached to a card, reminding the new bride that in the midst of learning to live with her spouse, she’ll have to show flexibility.

A paper clip attached to a card, reminding the new bride that an organized home is often a happier one.

A small praying hands pin attached to a card, reminding the bride about the need for prayer in each new marriage home

Each bridal gift basket was unique and made with love. It was wrapped in cellophane, tied with ribbons (using the bride's color scheme, if known). The importance of sharing faith in marriage was shared with this gift.

New mom basket:

Container: Laundry basket


Woman’s Bible

Mom’s Topical Bible

Christian music CD, with a reminder of how important it is to praise God and to have music within the home.

A card has a rubber band on it, with the reminder of how important it is for moms to remain flexible.

A paper clip attached to a card reminds of the importance of being organized.

A box of diapers was a practical addition to the basket, and attached I’d note that that change will now be a big part of the new mom’s life.

A Bible Storybook for the new baby, sharing the importance of both reading to a child while young and introducing God while the baby was young.

If the new mom was someone who lived nearby, I might have included a coupon for my baby sitting services, reminding the mom of the importance of spending some time alone with her husband.

Again, the seeds were planted – a reminder of how important it is to have God as our focus in our family’s life.

After seeing the gift baskets I made for one new mom, one church’s women’s ministry decided to make these baskets for every new mom at the local hospital. Tucked inside was a brochure they made up with all the churches – of all denominations – within a 5-mile radius. That brochure also told which churches had children’s ministries. These women were not proselytizing; they were reminding each new mom of the importance of being connected with other Christians and offering them many choices.

After I spoke at one church about how easy it can be to reach out to neighbors, the women’s ministry team started doing something their own mothers and grandmothers had done years ago. They met every Saturday morning in the church kitchen and baked fresh rolls. Then they delivered them to neighbors with an invitation to join them in church on Sunday.

Although only some have been called to travel the country to speak and evangelize, each of us has been called to live lives that show God’s love within us. We’ve each been instructed to love our neighbor. We’ve been told that we need to be ready to explain our faith.

If we are gifted as writers, the task of sharing what God has done for us becomes an easy one, now that the Internet is so accessible. We must write about the things that our awesome God has done in the lives of ordinary people – ourselves and those around us.

We may never know what lives might be touched by our stories posted here. But the seeds will have been planted.

This is, indeed, easy evangelism.
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