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by cade
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okay this is my first writing on here so don't be harsh and what not
Love, Hate, and Life. We have all had these thoughts. Haven't you ever known that you loved someone or something. Hey maybe it was even a thought that passed by on your way to some place and you thought wow. Maybe it then proceeded to fly out of your head and never return who knows besides you and a few others. What about hate hopefully it hasn't overwhelmed your life. Maybe a co-worker, maybe a feeling, maybe your family, or or and your evil cat that just stares at you when you sleep. Think through the hate it might help, but then again what do i know I'm just words on on a screen or maybe paper if you printed me out. You know that would be thoughtful, you know not keeping me in cyberspace and what not. But for the moment I'm getting off track. Lets talk about Life. Okay heres what I have to say on the matter alright, alrighty, and okay here we go. It is difficult. Well that was fun. Good-bye.

hay that was my 1st writing by CADE OHHH YEAH

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