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The introspective look at our cultural mores and how we project ourselves.
I asked my brother to be circumspective with his precarious acceptance of the Presidents proposal to wage war with Iraq and to free the Iraqi people from the tyrant. I asked if he thought the world would be a safer place and if he believed that Iraq had weapons for mass destruction , did he believe that our government was being honest with the rest of the world concerning the facts that ,at that time, were presented as solid, germane necessary reasons for this ambitious war.
Not only was his answers to these questions all yes, but he even ventured to tell me we would show the world, that didn't see eye-to-eye with the United States on this war and it's impetus, not only a large bomb hidden somewhere- but this invasion is exactly what the Iraqi people and some of their neighbors wanted.
Well, I want go through the endless reasons I shared with him that polarized our views as antithetical, suffice it to be that we are where we are in this war and ongoing occupation and we are where many-many Americans, French, German, British, ol this list is to long, that spoke with the same voice that I spoke with my brother - This is not our battle at this time. Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden are our enemies. Not withstanding the lack of any real evidence that could lead a rational government to wage such a monumental war without the support that we enjoyed in the first war on Iraq and the support we had for Afghanistan. That just was not and is not the case in this invasion. We didn't have the lions share of support from the people nor from the governments that we call friend.
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