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The sad tale about a toddler who wanted her first taste of chewing gum.
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Madeline Margaret

Maddie's October, 2006 portrait.

You sit all alone,
strapped in your chair,
acting out your fear
that no one seems to care.

A keen observer,
you're learning your words
like when you want food:

gwape, grink, ungry.

But you don't understand
why we deny your one demand.

Madeline Margaret,
you're not ready
chewing gum.
Sadly, I must tell you,
it's only for fun.

But that answer
just won't do
for a screamer
who's nearing two.
What is a parent to do?

Here you go, I say.
Go on, have a taste.
Next thing you know,
the gum's gone to waste.

Did you know it takes
seven years to digest?

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