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Writing to the otherside in your head.
Note: This idea came to me when reading a Reader's Digest article about the practice done by a teacher: turning his students excuses to letters. Most students even pretended to be someone else. So, it was inspiration.This is actually fiction. In perceptive of a male character.


Dear Sin,
How art thou? My Jezebel-Juliet; My Passion-Fallen. You are me. I am you. But, you are not me personified: You are not me interacted. You are just present. You are just there. Why are you living? Why do you live? What purpose do you possess? You are nothing. You are everything. What are you dear sin?

Is it because I exist?

A mourning damp darkness in this mask that is me.

Who are you really?

Are you me?

Are you just the segments of Satan deposited into me.



You must be.

How can't you not be.

You are Sin.




You are a dubious being with falsehood as limbs.

You are the bewitching forbidden fruit.

Your taste caustic.

Your skin lustful.

You deceived me to take the bite.

Now, I am corrupted.

You pathetic being.

I hate you.

Do I love you at times?

Yes, possibly - the corrupted, caustic love. No true being. Lust in another direction.

Yes, Sin, you are not completely day or night. No Seasonal descent. No fixed ascent.

You are everytime poking me.

Thus, poking yourself.

You Suicidal being.

Sin, your name, your fervour, your lust, your everything.

You are everything that I hate.

You are Sin.

The ominous Cloud; the Ides Of March - Caesar's peril, my own demise.

You are sin, Sin.

You are darkness birthed in human tissue.

Why do you stare? Blankly as you do? So haunt-like, so ghost-like; more than the average phantom. A leak into alternate hell.

You have slashed my innocence.

With promiscuous sex.

Ubiquitous Drugs with alcohol complex.

No Girlfriend no more.

I filled her with seed.

Used her to dump

Dumped her for the use.

I abused her. I abused myself. It was your voice Sin! Your voice! You treacherous snake banishing me from my Eden.

So, Why Sin?

Why so dark?

Why the love-hate vein?

Do you want to be me personified?

Do you wish it?

Screw the psyche Sin.

You can never damn me.

No murder. No Suicide.

These things are obscene. They posses no honour.

You try Sin.

You try.

You fail don't you?

You have failed alot.

For Inside still, where our hearts interlink.

Doses of purity still cure me.

Keep on Failing Dark Temptations.

I will never lower myself to be your slave.

You can't make me run stray.

You can never make me Askew.

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