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Goku arrives in Penguin Village again, and resumes his relationship with Norimaki Arale.
Hello, and welcome to my Dragon Ball fanfic, "From Penguin Village with Love." It's a Alternate Universe diversion taking place between the Red Ribbon Saga and the 2nd Tenka'ichi Budokai, and it tells the story of a how a sidetracked Goku takes a wrong turn and ends up in the boondocks, where he meets up with an old friend. It's also a romance fic featuring Goku and a certain purple-haired android girl. It'll have quite the kick if you've read some of the orignal Dragon Ball.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Dragon Ball, read the Dragon Ball Summary before proceeding. It'll help you find you way around the story.

Dragon Ball Summary  (E)
Summary of Dragon Ball event up to the fanfic "From Penguin Village with Love."
#1164405 by RisanF


Disclaimer: Dragon Ball is the property of Akira Toriyama, TOEI ANIMATION, and various other companies, as well as all characters within. I am using them without permission, and I am making no money off of them.

( ) Denotes thoughts.
{ } Denotes sound effects.

         {TMP!}{TMP!}{TMP!} Somewhere, on a large island in an unknown part of the world, the steady beat of leather against wood created an echo within a small confine called home. A little girl was tapping her feet on the floor, beating the toes of her shoes over and over in the same, restless fashion. She was sprawled on a circular rug, her elbows digging little potholes in the fuzzy material. Below her nose was a calendar, turned to the 31 days of October, and in her eyes were the scrolling dates that covered it, as well as the hope that today would be the day.

         "Hmm…" the girl mumbled, trailing her finger over the five-day workweek. "Monday was a rainy day, and Tuesday was a hailey day. Wednesday and Thursday, everybody was runnin' from Mr. Monster. Which means…" She smiled open-heartedly. "Maybe he'll come today!"

         With a wacky little tune bouncing from her lips, the girl circled "Friday" with a red Crayola crayon, grinning in satisfaction upon completion. Then, she drew a picture of Ultraman, Godzilla, and two little cupid things with curly hair and angel wings. Giggling to herself, she continued to add more friends for her comic-book characters, each one badly drawn and a mockery of their former selves.

         Before she could get too carried away, though, an odd sound quaked from outside the windowpane. {gwoon----n…!} The girl ceased her sketches for the moment, and looked towards the source of the noise. "Hoyo?" She moved closer to get a better look, peering through the glass at the outside yard. And {ZOOM!!!} a small yellow shape darted through the skies, leaving behind a dense trail of smoke from whence it had come.

         She stared in awe at the fleeing phantasm, her eyes carefully following its path to the distance. Then, her mouth erupted in a huge grin. "That must be him!"

         With renewed energy, the girl kicked open the window and jumped five feet to the ground. Landing with a {DMP!}, she quickly started a run towards the mystery shape, clearing two meters with every step. Faster and faster she ran, gaining speeds that should've been impossible to obtain. Soon, she was an intangible blur, racing through the island with over-exuberant joy, and no regards for anybody in the way.

         "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin...!" The girl tore down the road, arms spread and making a sound very similar to the shape she was chasing. Though it seemed impossible, her speed kicked up to an even higher level, moving up to a pace equal to an airplane's MACH 3. Everything became a collage of color and shade, and it was hard to draw distinction to any object. In the end, she was going so fast, she couldn't see the patrol car riding from the junction. Even when she actually crashed into the vehicle, she seemed to be no more aware of her surroundings than ever. (though it really didn't matter, as only the patrol car was harmed by this encounter)

         The wreckage of the car left behind, she continued her mad dash, getting closer and closer to the target. The girl looked up with a girl, seeing the mystery shape once again. "There it is!" she squealed, moving down another stretch of verdant plains. "I c'n almost see 'im!" Her smile brightened a few notches. "Maybe he can see me!"

         The girl looked up to the sky, where the shape was just coming into view. She waved to the shape "Yo, Go…huh?" Digging her heels into the dirt, she came to a grinding halt into the ground. Her eyes moved up to the clouds, still hopeful for her friend to appear. But soon they turned to disappointment, as she found the fruit of her voyage; a small advertising blimp, nothing more. "Oh…"

         Her quest ended in failure, the girl tilted her head towards the ground, trying to figure out what had happened. "I guess…" she started slowly."…he'll come tomorrow." With that said, she tried a small smile, attempting to find the silver lining in this stormy nimbus. Soon though, it had faded, and she found herself looking to the sky once again; though this time it wasn't to look for the shape gone past, but the shape yet to come.

         In the heavens, there was a multitude of cumulous clouds making their way on the southern wind. The girl stared at each one of them, a somewhat wistful look in her features. All of the clouds looked like something on her mind, even the small, formless ones. And one of them looked suspiciously like a young boy, with spiky hair and, perhaps, a bright smile.

         "Go-kun…" she whispered to the wind. "Where are you?"

From Penguin Village with Love

By Reid M. Haynes

Tale 1: Bomb of your Smile


         The wide, blue ocean. Present only on our own planet, it remains a monument of work and love that only a god could create. Like a never-ending mirror, it reflects cloud after cloud of the noontime in crystal clarity, revealing none of its contents underneath. And yet, unlike that mirror, life was everywhere, in the air as well as in the deep, and they all enjoyed the reservoirs of riches that this plundering expanse had to give.

         An entire world for the more intrepid explorer to feast his fancy on, if he could only see it as more than a desert of water.

         "Kaw, KAW!!!" Amongst the meridian skies, a flock of crows cut a penetrating swath down. They made an impressive armada over the tropical islands, staying in a rough but solid formation. With an eye for war, they regarded their teammates warily for domination of their team, expect a mutiny at any moment. Luckily, this did not stop them from keeping their main attentions on their flight path, which just might have saved their lives.

         {vyooooo…!}Thanks to a keen fight/flight instinct, the lead crow caught an odd sound coming just beyond the horizon. It was unbelievably fast, so it probably was a predator. The bird made a cartoonish quirk of the beak something that could probably pass for a smile. Whatever this freak was, his fearless squad of fighters would most certainly… {HYUUUN!} But before he could further this annoying boasting, the guy was already on top of them, going right for the fleet of fowl. Frozen in utter disbelief, the leader had time only to utter one monosyllabic word. "Crap!" and then they were all knocked out of the air, each of the group flying to a different part of the sea.

         Before hitting the hard, never-ending mirror, the leader took a last glare at its assailant and sneered rabidly. "Asshole!"

         But it wasn't an asshole; it was a boy. And a somewhat absent minded one at that.

         "Golly!" Aboard the legendary Kinto'un, thirteen-year-old Son Goku tried his best to gather his bearings. "Where am I now?!" Reaching into his satchel, the monkey-tailed boy lifted out a map, unfolding it and settling back on his cloud to read. His eyes sought out the caption, struggling to comprehend the symbols and reference he had written on it. But, finding such words as "TREEZ" and "WATUR," he decided that cartography was a better profession for smart people, and he threw the thing away.

         As the map fluttered over the ocean, Goku groaned depressingly, looking towards his apparel and trying to brush away its wrinkles. His entire outfit was covered in two days' worth of exploration: dirt, mud stains, even a few twigs had woven their way into the gi. He had been wandering around the world for that time, searching out every locale that resembled what he was looking for. Since then, he had turned up empty-handed four times, and he had found enough failure to sap away his appetite, and wear his happy-go-lucky attitude down to a tired, mediocre boredom.

         Like a great deal of his problems, it was all one of those "gurls'" fault. Again he had somehow gotten wrangled by what Bulma called "the fairer sex," and he was traveling by somebody else's will on some weird trip. To tell the truth, he was actually supposed to be on a worldwide walk for three years, and wasn't even allowed to use his Kinto'un. But Chichi apparently had other plans, and you just couldn't say no to someone like that.

         "I've been waiting for a chance to be alone with you," Chichi had said, giving him her best "twinkly eyed girl" look. "Let's meet at our special spot, tomorrow night, under the stars."

         "Special spot?" he asked, scratching the back of his head.

         "The old oak tree, of course," she answered matter-of-factly, still smiling. Then, she slapped him a wink. "I'll be waiting…"

         "But there are a lotta big trees in the world!" Goku complained, bringing our flashback to an end. "How'm I supposed to find just one, out of all'a them?!" The boy slumped down on the cloud, laying his elbows down and pushing his fists into his cheeks. "I thought dates were a kind of fruit," he pondered in an irritated manner. "Are oak trees where dates come from?"

         Finding no obvious answer to this enigma, he looked back towards the southern vista, grabbing his bearings. Goku exhaled, and stretched his legs. "Well, standin' here all day's no good," he said, narrowing his eyes at the blinding sun. "Guess if I keep goin' this way, I'll eventually run into some trees. Alright!" His countenance turned focused, and he made a stance. "Let's go, Kinto'un!" he called to his ride.

         And {HYUUUN!} the boy and cloud took off for the mainland, leaving a trail of gold and emerald following them to adventure…and danger.


         The mustached man regarded the blipping sensor with something akin to shock. "Oh no!" he whispered, with eyes goggling out at the display. He whirled around in his chair to face his comrades. "Sir!" he called out in a cracking voice. "We've picked up something!"

         The Commander approached, a surly scowl on his face. "Good Kami, man, what is it now?" he snapped, fists on chubby hips.

         "An unidentified object is approaching Penguin Village," the other reported, his gaze once again on the sensor.

         "Unidentified object?" the Commander pondered, more to himself than to his subordinate. "A UFO?"

         "Well, technically…"

         "I knew it!" His fist slammed on the control panel, cutting off the mustached man and spilling coffee all over the circuitry. "Aliens, again! Well, they'll not get the better of us this time!" Ignoring the man's somewhat frazzled state, the Commander whirled in a militarist manner to the remainder of his intrepid troops. "Attention, PVPD!" he hollered out, getting a few tired groans in response. "A dire crisis is on hand. Our beautiful town is once again under attack by interstellar punks. We'll need our entire force ready in order to conquer this foe! Now, fall in!"

         At the mention of aliens, most of the cops eagerly jerked up from their donut break, eager to kick some a**. Only a dark-haired youth was separate from them, already too busy scouting to work on anything else.

         "Talk to me, babe," the boy crooned, admiring himself in a handheld looking glass. "That's th' stuff!" He snickered confidently, then ran his hand through his hair in a second search for dandruff.

         Luckily, a smallish cop had seen him goofing off, and went over to nudge his partner with his elbow. "Taro!" he whispered in a warning tone.

         The young man glanced lazily over at the cop, his eyes still in lady-killer mode. Then, once he realized what was going on, they exploded into saucers with pupils. With a small shriek, he bolted out of his chair, promptly snapped into a smart salute. "Officer Soramame, reporting for duty!" he announced, glad no one could see his nervous eyes through his dark shades. It was unnecessary, though, as no one was paying attention to him.

         The Commander was just finishing up his briefing. "And that's the whole deal!" he said, bringing his pacing to an abrupt stop. "I'll gladly accept any plan of action that you can think off!"

         The cops looked dumbly at their leader, then glanced awkwardly at each other. They had zoned out a bit during the speech, and were at a loss for what to do…and probably brainpower. Only one of them had really paid full attention: a golden-haired metermaid with chiseled features and a violent twinkle in her eye. She found the solution to be self-evident, as real as the gun she cocked in her hands.

         "Shoot the bastard!"


         {SHUU---N!!!} Meanwhile, the Kinto'un had traveled even further from the mainland, the green trail its only lifeline to civilization. More exotic birds fluttered their wings in the sky, bound by whatever ritual the seasons of this hemisphere dictated. In the distance, a few tropical islands could be seen, one of them even sporting a cute little town and some suburbs. Still, everything was mostly blue and boring, with nary a bush or tree to be found. Goku was quite sick of it.

         The martial artist growled in outrage, slamming his fist down on his cloud. "That's it, I quit!" he yelled out to the world. "She can eat the dates by herself!" With a rough sigh, he collapsed down on Kinto'un, sending up a puff of green air from the vehicle. He rolled his eyes sarcastically. "Didn't wanna go see that Chichi, anyway," he murmured, a frown on his face. "Probably make me do a buncha boring girly stuff, like Bulma would…"

         To his credit, he was probably right. And to his credit, he now adopted a pensive look, marked by only a fraction of his earlier frustration. "Y'know, I wish I could finda girl that wasn't into all that hair combin,' makeup rubbin' business," Goku said to himself, putting his fist in his cheek. "Someone who knows howda have FUN." Suddenly, his eyes widened out, glancing downwards at his gut. "Foo, all this yellin's made me hungry," he said, rubbing his belly. "Well, no good's gonna come whining, so I should forget it."

         He sighed wistfully and settled down onto the cloud, trying to decide what to do. After a while, Goku drifted off both mentally and physically, leaving Kinto'un free rein to wander over the ocean. Eventually, they strayed to the largest of the islands, the one with the cute little town and suburbs. They were heading right over the residential area, towards tropical palm and neatly paved roads…

         {BLAAAT!!!} "Huh…?"

         And apparently a huge missile with a face.

         "WHOA!" Goku swerved his Kinto'un just in time to avoid the projectile, which spiraled away towards the flat ocean. {B-BOMB!!!} He watched as it detonated against the surface, prompting a gargantuan bubble to blow out into the sky. As the water rippled out from the bombsite, the boy let out a rough gasp, and a: "What was THAT?!", all with the same startled expression. But the answer was no better than the question, as he realized when he turned to the island, towards the island and yet more trouble.

         A throng of patrol cars and motorcyclists stood on a sunny, green prairie, accompanied by around half-a-dozen officers, each armed with a weapon totally unsuitable for a law official. Outlawed machine guns, grenade launchers, even a small tank, these boys were packing every sort of illegal arm, probably taken right from the confiscated weapons warehouse. For some odd reason, they had also bothered to have the entire road blocked off, though Goku was in the sky, and not the ground. Nevertheless, they seemed serious about bringing in their man…as serious as anyone with slaphappy smiles can be, anyway.

         "Halt!" A young man wearing sunglasses yelled out through a megaphone. "This is the PVPD! Disarm and pull your vehicle over NOW!"

         Goku blinked. "The police again?" he said. "I thought these guys were supposed t' be good!" Shrugging in defeat, he began to take off the shoulder strap for the Nyoibo.

         {BAM BAM BAM!} A line of saffron bolted to the sky, and Goku edged aside to avoid the round of pistol fire an eager cop let loose. The boy snarled, staring to the island below. "They didn't even let me answer!" he complained, tugging his weapon grimly back on his back. Soon, the command of "Get him!" screamed out from the blockade, and he was forced to start moving once again.

         {BUDDA BUDDA!!!} Another string of gunfire broke out from the police's weapons, forcing Kinto'un to swoop away in a defensive arc. {BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA!!!} Goku was now dodging bullets from all sides, trying desperately to keep one step ahead of his assailants. The cops were blasting away with childish enthusiasm, pumping the triggers like they belonged to toy guns. They weren't having much luck, but it was the thought that counted, and the young martial artist was kept on his toes by the constant salvo.

         {SHOO--M!!} "Yikes!" A mortar blast flew straight for Goku's head, allowing him scarcely enough time for evasion. The PVPD were getting closer and closer with each shot, despite their target's weaving and swerving. The leader, a balding middle aged man, kept on shouting orders to his men, waving his fingers and spraying spit over the grass. Whatever they were, it must've not been much different than what they were already doing, for they kept firing in the same manner as they had been. (Chances are, they just weren't listening.)

         {HYUUUN!} Goku and the cloud made a break for the island, trying to get closer for a strike at his enemies. {PAM PAM PAM!} Twirling and spiraling in a green/yellow wave, he strafed between each of the bullets, continuing his attack run. With his hand reaching for the pole on his back, Goku smiled a devilish grin. "You can't beat me with those little pootlipoos!" he taunted, even while the bullets whizzed by his ears. "How 'bout I show you some real…"

         {BOOM!} "…power?" An incoming vector blew straight into Goku's back, knocking him off of Kinto'un. Turning his head, the boy discovered he had forgotten about out one of the cops, unfortunately the one with the guided missile bazooka. He flew, out of control, into one of the palm trees, knocking a few coconuts down to the ground. Then, he lay motionless, seemingly unconscious from the rocket's sheer impact.

         Each of the policemen turned to Goku's landing spot, miraculously stopping their firing. One by one, they came to examine the fallen fighter, though they hadn't holstered their weapons yet. The leader looked up at the palm, watching their target's stagnant form like it might return to life. He squinted his eyelids, and scratched at the sideburns connected to his large moustache. "Did we get him?"

         Goku's eyes shot open. "No, but I've got you!"

         And then, he leapt to the heavens, pulling his Nyoibo up to bear and popping open a can of whoopass. "HAI…!"

         "Huh?!" The leader followed the boy's upward path, and his beady eyes grew to about ten times their size. "Oh, C-RRAP!"

         {TKATKATKA!} Using his staff as a helicopter blade, Goku twirled up high over the PVPD, like a vulture overlooking his prey. Though the cops were fairly quick to respond, Goku already had the upper hand. {DONK!} Falling from the sky, he landed a stunning kick on top of one of them, using the helmet to spring him upwards. But even before that, he had already {BEANED!!!} a cop with Nyoibo, using its uppercut stroke to further his ascension to the heavens.

         The buxom blonde watched all this with something between horror and rage. Then "Hyyaaa!" she switched over to the latter, filling the air with machine-gun blasting. Amazingly, Goku deflected every one of the shells, using Nyoibo as a windmill to {PIPIPIPIPING!} them away. This left the cops to run for cover, finding their own weaponry used against them, and this gave Goku enough time to launch into his first signature move. "Nyoibo…EXTEND!!!"

         {GYUUUN!!!} Spinning into a backflip, Goku aimed the glowing stick towards the small tank aiming for him. {CRUNK!} Its hatch was busted shut by the stifling blow, sending small chips of metal showering out over the field. The cops watched in dismay, as their favorite tool of mass destruction was reduced to a worthless hunk of steel. But they had only experienced half of the horror, as their ears picked up a small beeping noise emitting from the vehicle. {deet…deet…DEET-DEET-DEET!}

         {D-KOOOM!!!} The tank detonated in a blazing fireball, causing a shock to spiral out from the melted core. All of the policemen hollered out as the wind wave carried them to the nearest blunt object. {CRAK!}{DMP!}{THUD!} Helpless to the young lad's flawless technique, each of them was knocked into Dreamland, a halo of stars floating above their skull. And Goku remained triumphant in the air, having saved himself, defeated his enemy, all without touching the ground.

         All without the use of his… "Kinto'un?"

         Then, Goku took a look at his surroundings, of which there were none. He was still hanging in the empty skies, suspended by nothing. And Kinto'un was WAY over there…

         "BaaAAAHHHH!!!" The boy was now following a one-way train to the Earth, courtesy of gravity and forgetfulness. {SHOOOM!} Wind rushed by his hair, flailing his spiky locks as made a futile attempt at flying. With the field nearing his hard head, Goku made one last call to his cloud, even though it was far too late for that. "KINTO'UN!!!"

         Maybe he should've been thinking about how to land…



         "Peep peep!"

         "What's that, Ga-chans? D'ya see somethin'?"


         "…Hoyo-YO! It's him, it's HIM!"


         "Yeah, the cloud boy! C'mon, let's get 'im inside!"


         It was dark, a bit too dark enough to see by, and yet just enough light was kept to create a sense of dread into the strange dwelling. The small chamber seemed a vampire's keep, with odd books and such piled sporadically about on the ratty carpet. Ominous shadows snack into every corner, over bookcases and desks, turning them all into monsters and demons. A cold breeze blew through the open window, making its curtain billow out as a specter of flannel, looking over the other evil spirits in the room.

         Goku slowly raised his head off of the feather pillow, then growled as a stab of pain jolted through his noggin. Growling, he slowed down to rub the lump, though his eyes still tried to get a feel for his surroundings. He was in somebody's bedroom, a child's, judging by the collection of toys and games cluttering the floor. But with the cloak of darkness obscuring his vision, it was too hard to tell whether they had ever been used in recent times.

         Then…light. Goku suddenly snapped his head away from the playthings, turning towards the sliver of sight that appeared through the haze. The doorway to his left was opening up, revealing an impish figure about his height coming into the room. The figure regarded the boy for a moment, making a few odd noises that sounded vaugely like words. Upon finding he was awake, it swung the doorway open and made a dash for the bed, a luminescent wave flying from the hallway and enveloping the creature in its pearly flash.

         Goku gasped, shielding his eyes from the horror as well as the light. But a very human sounding gasp from this creature made him reconsider, and he braved to look it right in the face, the light from the entrance giving him his first good look.

         In front of him was a pair of violet eyes, framed by huge glasses and equally violet hair. These all belonged to the form of a thirteen-year-old girl, wearing a large baseball cap with angel wings adorning the sides. Her face bore a cherubic radiance, coming from a life of endless laughter and smiles. Yet now, it was wrought in confusion, not knowing what to make of this character's reactions.

         Goku stood staring at her for a moment, as confused he had ever been. Then his eyes lit up, recognizing the person before him. "Hey…ARALE!"

         The girl smiled. "N'cha!"

         Ding, ding-ding, ding-ding-ding-ding, di-ding-ding-ding…!

Author's Notes: Well, I hope that wasn't too confusing. Anyhoo, Arale is the main character of Dr. Slump, an android girl who made a few special appearances in Dragon Ball. I'll do my best to fill you in to all the characters making cameos here. Look for information in the omake at the end of Tale 2, if you're interested.

And Goku/Chichi fans, beware…

Additional Disclaimer(s): None, unless you count the Crayola thing. (and that's kinda self-explanatory)

Teaser: Now that Goku's back in Penguin Village, Arale's going to give him the grand tour. What fun! But one girl's not so happy about the monkey boy's retreat to this strange place. She's going after him, and she's not going to like what she'll find!

Coming up, in the next exciting episode of "From Penguin Village with Love!"

Until next time, Ja ne! ^_^

The hero and heroine from my Dragon Ball fanfic.

From Penguin Village with Love- Tale 2  (13+)
Goku spends the day with Arale, while another outsider comes to town.
#1191849 by RisanF

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