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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Emotional · #1165790
Anna is in for s surprise when she accepts an invitation to a party.
Word Count: 685
Setting: France
Start: Anna is invited to a party
End: Victor is leaving but coming back
Plot: What will happen after Anna meets her childhood boyfriend?


Hi Victor,

Thank you very much for inviting me to your party. My mother said that when we were young, we spent hours together playing in the barn. Well, I have to admit that these memories have been washed from my brain and I don’t remember any of it.

Maybe it is better this way.

I was told that you are back on the old continent, after spending years in Asia and that you want to gather all your old friends (I hope not just “girl” friends) for a “Remember me” party. This is such a cool idea!

I will come with my boyfriend, Dan. We are engaged and we are planning to get married next summer. He is excited to meet someone from my past, just as I am myself, I believe. After all, we were neighbours for sixteen years!

So, I will see you on the 18th. I look forward to exchanging old jokes with you and your partner.



Dear Anna,

I can’t believe you have forgotten our games and all the fun we had together. Yes, we have been neighbours for a long time and you have been an important factor to my growing up… Have you forgotten that too?

I do not have a partner. I got married years ago but my wife left me. I guess I never really got involved in our love life; somehow my heart was thousands of miles away.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you again.



My dear Victor,

This was an awesome party!
Why did I ever say I did not remember our games in the hay? I must have been out of my mind. Seeing you, in your black suit, tie and all that… so handsome, grown-up and mature… triggered some souvenirs I had worked hard to forget.

You and me! It is all coming back to me now: my grand-parents’ barn where we were left alone for entire afternoons. Kids, we would play hide and seek, cowboys and Indians. It then turned into more sophisticated pretend-plays as we grew into our pre-teenage years.

When you touched my hand at the party the other night, I instantly remembered the emotions that you created when you touched me in the same way, back then. I could not be my old self with Dan anymore. I am sorry he acted in such a foolish manner. He had far too much to drink and the fight with your brother was unnecessary. I hope Sam is ok. I know he only tried to defend you, this is so like him: a true gentleman.

Victor, I want to see you again.
I left Dan this morning, because I could not continue living with him now that I know what has been in my heart all this long while. I kind of felt empty with him, but I always chose to ignore the questions wandering in my mind. Now I know.

I know you are the one. The words we did not speak at the party are ringing in my head and I want to talk to you face to face. Please call me.

With much love,


Dearest Anna,

I see that we both have been holding our hearts for a long time and we are now just ready to speak up and take the next step.

You were so sweet on the phone this morning that I did not have the courage to tell you that I will be leaving Paris today for a three-week trip back to Asia. I could not bear the thought of your being disappointed.

Don’t think I am fleeing. After all the soul-searching I have been doing these past years, I have decided to sell my properties in Malaysia and to come back and definitely settle back in France. So, my departure is actually good news. I will be back in less than a month and ready to build my future with you.

Anna, if I had seen you again, I would not have been able to leave you… even for three weeks.

With all my love,

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