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Stop thinking like that. It's an affirmation.
         Congratulations to me. The procrastination has come to an end. I have thrown away my list of excuses. Today I post my writing to the web. The grammar may not be perfect, my vocabulary limited and the punctuation erratic. Not everyone will appreciate my thoughts. Or worse, no one may read this. However, I did it. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

         It's one thing to write group newsletters. The writer takes the facts, adds a bit of humour for interest and circulates to an already interested audience. As a writer of training manuals, the author finds an effective way to communicate a specific message. These are particular talents. They are not about expressing original thoughts and ideas. At least not in my experience.

         To write is to bare my soul. The challenge is to share my perception of a story and not fear the repercussions. To respect opposing ideas while defending my basic principles. Once a word is written, it cannot be taken back. The meaning may need further explanation. An apology might be issued. The words themselves cannot be retracted. The opinion is out there to be misquoted and abused. The reader will believe he or she knows me a little bit better.

         This is the first step. I can say I wrote and posted something original. I morphed from dreamer to doer. Today I grew as a writer.
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