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Who is the hunter and who is the prey? We hunters don't know what makes love return.
The Fear of Unrequited Love

Vague words, vain words: my innuendo.
I’m good, do you agree?
Looking for approval with transparent lingo;
I’m the one. Do you love me?

My appearance, a disguise to get your trust.
My eyes beguile: the nearing sky,
two dead orbs of brilliant blue
that wonderfully shine.

Are you mesmerized? How do I ask
without sounding full of myself?
I sense your attraction -- my distraction
from the game. I leap to pursue.

But you dash away, tiny gazelle.
Until next time; then I'll catch you.
I’m no beast. Yet, you're my quarry.
I love you and I don’t know why.

I must follow you; be your shadow.
I know where you live. Does that concern you?
Desperate, searching: my wanton thirst.
But you’re not here anymore.

Nothing to stalk; no prey for man.
I sleep alone, dreaming insipidly.

Images cluster on the bright wall;
icons speak in body language.
They are my quarry. How do I get one?
I desire to be near a symbol of love.

Lust dies in a lonely hunter's heart.
Quelled anger rises after frustration.
I destroy myself; there’s no one else.
I fear to love; I fear even you.

I don’t come around anymore, prey;
fear your denial: rejection, no affection.
Though I tower above the tender herd,
I dare not disturb what is in my heart.

I look more beautiful than ever before.
Dare you come near? I really want your love.
But vague words don’t hit their mark.
Vain appearance will not work.

Until I know who I am, little lamb,
I am not for you. I sleep alone at night,
trying to avoid the dogged fright;
the fear of unrequited love.

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