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If you have a fondness for animals, you might enjoy this one.


Merrideth knew where she came from, her problem was just where was she heading?

At dawn, two men drove into the yard. The driver picked her up and put her in the rear of a windowless panel truck. They left the farm; the only home she had ever known.

After a bumpy ride for several miles, the truck turned onto a smooth highway. Merry as she was called on the farm, paced back and forth looking for a way to escape. She could hear her captors’ voices coming from the front of the truck but their words gave her no comfort.

“This one will fetch a good price, don’t you think, Mac?”

“Aye, she will at that, Bert...and with such beautiful red hair we can get top dollar for sure.”

Hours later the truck stopped. One of the men carried Merry into a brick building and placed her on a cold concrete floor. The other man pushed her into a small room and slammed the metal door shut.

Merry found food and water in the tiny space, but wasn’t hungry. She cautiously sipped at the water, keeping her eyes on the door.

She cowered in one corner, trembling with fear. She missed her brothers and sisters and the familiar sounds of the farm. Eventually, she put her head down and fell asleep.


“Oh, Daddy, look at that one and over there…..

“Wait for me, Missy; let’s look at them together, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy, but hurry.”

“Come here, Missy; see what I found.”

“What’s its name, Daddy, is it a boy or girl?”

“Well, let’s see…the placard says, she is a girl and her registered name is Liberty Farms Merrideth Bonnet but she goes by the name Merry.”

“Can we get her, Daddy? Please! Look, she is wagging her tail.”

“A promise is a promise, Missy, the puppy is yours.”

Mr. Smith bought the Irish Setter for his little girl’s birthday. Merry quickly forgot the farm and her brothers and sisters and Missy received wet kisses all the way home.

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