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As the seasons change, so do we.
Fall. With the changing of the seasons, we to, change. The cool crisp air sweeps down from the north. The sky clears, and becomes a shapeless blue background. The leaves fall to the ground, in all their spectacular colors. Out with the old, in with the new.

For you see, the Fall months, are the seasons Third Act. Before we are enveloped in a blanket of cold. Wrapped up in a snow covered Climax. Chilled out by Winter, then reborn in Spring. Year after year.

As writers we can see the changes. See the Acts come and go. But do we use these insightful ques to our advantage. We could. Most of us should. I get an unexplained intensity in my creative juices year after year, as soon as the Fall weather approaches. Be it due to my time being more free. Kids are settled in school once agian. Son's football season is coming to a close, so no running here or there doing this and that. The sun sets earlier in the day, making the nights run on you without a warning.

Which in turns allows more time for the thoughtful prose to escape my fingertips.

Work in progress......

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