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My favorite Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poems, and Articles from Authors of Writing.Com.

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The works you’ll find here reflect my reading tastes, so you’re likely to come across non-fiction, poetry, inspirational, suspense, and horror items I enjoyed reading. Please, read on and peruse some of my favorite stories, poems, and articles.


... Of dreams and dragons...  (E)
My life revealed through the world of poetry
#1218088 by Emilbus™

A True Heart, Inside And Out  (ASR)
A long storoem of maidens, a prince, a prophecy of hearts and love.
#641307 by Harry

Dragon Knights  (18+)
A City protected by Dragons becomes embroiled in struggles between its rival powers - WIP
#316481 by Dr Dick Jones, researcher

Then there's Limericks  (18+)
A good limerick is bad by its very nature
#573299 by Dale Arthur

The Girl Next Door  (18+)
Where will Kevin's obsession lead him?
#429911 by jabberwocky

The Method of Transgression  (18+)
It watches.
#660725 by jabberwocky

1840 Savage Road  (GC)
Nice haunted housie.
#1173926 by Scribbler Erased

FEMA Blues  (18+)
Hurricane Katrina Aftermanth. The government is here to help. Yeah Right.
#1010366 by ♥tHiNg♥

From Pontchartrain to The Delta  (E)
With love to my adopted home.
#1219885 by Lou-Here By His Grace

The City Of New Orleans – 2005  (13+)
A long, free-verse poem about New Orleans.
#1012668 by Harry

"The Grim Reaper's Crypt of The Grim Reaper Contest

Windows  (13+)
Looking into a window is not the same as looking through it.
#973777 by W.D.Wilcox

Silent Tune  (13+)
Don’t you hear that violin?
#2088181 by Kotaro

     *RibbonR*"⭐ Her Clarity by Roseille ♥

Louisville Slugger   (13+)
Bobby Lou buys a baseball bat
#2259502 by Bobby Lou Stevenson

The Obedience of a Cult Foundation  (13+)
"Whose aim desires trust onto compassion, resentment onto forever flogged dreams?"
#2259384 by C.R. Rathkamp

Dark Reflections  (13+)
Those first nights - lying awake, faced with that perfectly black pane - unsettled me.
#2260611 by Tileira

A Grim Awakening  (13+)
A man wakes up during a cremation
#2260911 by The Puppet Master

 The Grim Reaper Comes A Knocking  (13+)
An end of year party turns to terror.
#2255378 by Sumojo

Mildred meets a Reaper  (18+)
Mildred gives hubby a little push and along comes a Reaper.
#2260272 by Ari

Rest in Pieces, Please!  (18+)
When your friend shows up on your doorstep, sometimes it's not-so-good to see him.
#2204209 by S. Serpent

Needles  (13+)
Need I Say More?
#1964049 by Angus

Bootsy  (18+)
A grave encounter.
#2186764 by Bilal Latif

     *RibbonO* "🥉 My Existence by 🌑 Darleen - QoD

When Wounds Don't Heal (weird tales #5)  (GC)
Picture prompt Medusa's head. Something weird and disturbing.
#2158214 by Kotaro

Feline Guardian  (18+)
A cat, once the protector, ever the guardian
#1355513 by Kate - Writing & Reading

Mortuary Blues  (13+)
A short story written for the Grim Reaper Contest, 2019.
#2204202 by hullabaloo22

 Into the Great Unknown  (18+)
...watch your step!
#1406656 by Dave

The Agreement  (18+)
Democracy in action. Honorable Mention in the Grim Reaper Contest, October 2019.
#2202192 by Beholden

 The Devil You Don't Know  (E)
A conversation with a friendly man, turns dark.
#2202378 by My Sox Rox

Dead End  (13+)
Death is a point of no return we're all heading toward. In many different ways...
#2203165 by Casthavian

The V-V-Voice  (18+)
A Man Is Questioned About Some Mysterious Murders Happening In The City Of Oak River...
#2181226 by Angus

Coming Back  (18+)
A love story. Of sorts.
#2180881 by Mike W

The "New" Workforce  (18+)
How greedy can greed get? Is there a line that can ever be crossed in the name of more?
#2179422 by S. Serpent

When Wounds Don't Heal (weird tales #5)  (GC)
Picture prompt Medusa's head. Something weird and disturbing.
#2158214 by Kotaro

     *AwarenessBL*"Terror Awaits by QPdoll-Studying

The Eyes of Death  (18+)
Weekly winner of the SCREAMS! Contest.
#2179705 by IceSkatingSugarCube

Ask Me  (13+)
A short story, please leave a review and any advice!
#2179047 by Victor L. Rolling Jr.

We Missed You  (13+)
HONORABLE MENTION in the Wintertime Grim Blunt Trauma Contest January, 2019
#2181201 by Monochrome

Bits and Pieces  (GC)
The box in the corner rattled, and something within gave an ear-piercing shriek. (WC 919)
#2154903 by Warped Sanity

The Uninvited Hat  (13+)
A lonely old man receives a late night guest
#1108923 by W.D.Wilcox

Character Assasination  (18+)
A man wakes up in a strange room...
#2090479 by Angus

Miss Pink And Miss Bell  (13+)
What is the truth about the two not-so-sweet old ladies who live at the edge of town?
#2173060 by Mike W

 Skin Problem  (13+)
Of a ceaseless itching of the skin and a familiar friend.
#2171614 by garlictonic

Bubbles  (18+)
Warning: Might be a tad 'gross' for some
#1880956 by Angus

Free  (18+)
A woman attempts to take her own life to rid herself of a demon.
#2150198 by Warped Sanity

Smoke  (13+)
A new kind of creature destroys mankind.
#2150761 by Kotaro

The Man  (18+)
An attempt at writing something in the horror genre.
#2154479 by QPdoll-Studying

Peeps  (E)
The struggle is real
#2154129 by L.A. Grawitch

Addiction  (XGC)
One Man's Deadly Addiction
#1952792 by Angus

Tourist Trade  (13+)
Tourism was his lifeblood ... literally. A Grim Blunt Contest Entry
#2144828 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

The Snitch Train  (13+)
An entry in the Grim Blunt Contest (644 Words)
#2146719 by ♥tHiNg♥

The Chain of Roses  (18+)
With each murder he leaves a calling card. Prompt: a single red rose.
#2027901 by ~MM~

Flies  (13+)
It is all in her mind
#2143509 by L.A. Grawitch

The Job  (13+)
A Woman Has A Job To Do, Whether She Likes It Or Not...
#2077208 by Angus

The December House  (13+)
Horror Story
#2138526 by ♥tHiNg♥

King Of Beasts  (13+)
An afternoon in the park turns into terror
#2136691 by W.D.Wilcox

 Those Windows, Those Mirrors  (13+)
A little horror tale from the streets.
#2083637 by Mike W

Ricky  (13+)
It all starts when a parakeet is left at their door.
#2016353 by Kotaro

 Once A Diva, Always A Diva  (13+)
Kevin hates Irwin, who is important to Sara, his sister. But would he harm Irwin?
#2127210 by Just an Ordinary Boo!

The Black Cape And Top Hat  (13+)
A man's memory of a terrible event in his youth still haunts him
#1886133 by Angus

The Mirror  (18+)
a mirror sees and tells all...a 2017 Quill Award Winner
#2112695 by Jim Hall

Leftovers  (E)
Great Foods Will Never Go Away
#1965155 by Angus

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#2108952 by Not Available.

Mirror, Mirror   (E)
What woke me up?
#2105067 by WakeUpAndLive️❤️coffee

 The Check Mark  (18+)
Serial Killer On The Rampage, loosely based on an interactive story I participated in.
#2042175 by River

Who's Da Dummy!  (13+)
A twisted tale
#2038382 by Odessa Molinari

 Into the Great Unknown  (18+)
...watch your step!
#1406656 by Dave

London Claims Another Victim  (18+)
A teenager finds out that London has teeth.
#2015154 by Andy~hating university

Incubus  (13+)
What a nightmare!
#1165890 by Dave

Text in the Night  (13+)
Harry wakes up to a text message that slowly changes his life
#2099545 by Than Pence

Transformation   (E)
I saw this spot on my left jaw.
#2092829 by WakeUpAndLive️❤️coffee

The Piper  (E)
What defines reality? Carolyn is a brilliant psychiatrist, can she save Benjamin?
#2099433 by Rune Cutter

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#1928612 by Not Available.

The Eclectic Poetry Contest Winners

Spring Is Here  (E)
Spring is nature's passion to express her delight as rebirth.
#646841 by Shaara

In the Beginning  (E)
Spring: bring it on!
#649701 by winklett

Bethlehem  (E)
Because we have forgotten the the price of peace
#467483 by Eliot

Her Christmas Wish List  (E)
A storoem about a girl talking with Santa.
#579912 by Harry

For our servicemen and women - God bless them and their families

Tumbled Towers, Humbled Hearts  (E)
Lives changed in an instant, as the tall towers tumbled.
#258724 by Kenzie

Rhythm this Line Contest Winners

A Back Woods Cabin  (E)
A storoem for Halloween. City folk inherit a back woods cabin...
#541212 by Harry

 A Mother's Lament  (E)
A poem I wrote for a competition, about a mother and daughter parting.
#741162 by Kezza

 DEW AND TEARS--award winner  (E)
Tricked in love, the beloved spends the night by the window, mingling tears with dew
#737577 by Dr M C Gupta

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#619664 by Not Available.

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