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My favorite Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poems, and Articles from Authors of Writing.Com.

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The works you’ll find here reflect my reading tastes, so you’re likely to come across non-fiction, poetry, inspirational, suspense, and horror items I enjoyed reading. Please, read on and peruse some of my favorite stories, poems, and articles.

... Of dreams and dragons...  (E)
My life revealed through the world of poetry
#1218088 by Emilbus™

A True Heart, Inside And Out  (ASR)
A long storoem of maidens, a prince, a prophecy of hearts and love.
#641307 by Harry

Dragon Knights  (18+)
A City protected by Dragons becomes embroiled in struggles between its rival powers - WIP
#316481 by Dr Dick Jones, researcher

Then there's Limericks  (18+)
A good limerick is bad by its very nature
#573299 by Dale Arthur

The Girl Next Door  (18+)
Where will Kevin's obsession lead him?
#429911 by jabberwocky

The Method of Transgression  (18+)
It watches.
#660725 by jabberwocky

1840 Savage Road  (GC)
Nice haunted housie.
#1173926 by Scribbler Erased

FEMA Blues  (18+)
Hurricane Katrina Aftermanth. The government is here to help. Yeah Right.
#1010366 by ♥tHiNg♥

From Pontchartrain to The Delta  (E)
With love to my adopted home.
#1219885 by Lou-Here By His Grace

The City Of New Orleans – 2005  (13+)
A long, free-verse poem about New Orleans.
#1012668 by Harry

The Eclectic Poetry Contest Winners

Spring Is Here  (E)
Spring is nature's passion to express her delight as rebirth.
#646841 by Shaara

In the Beginning  (E)
Spring: bring it on!
#649701 by winklett

Bethlehem  (E)
Because we have forgotten the the price of peace
#467483 by Eliot

Her Christmas Wish List  (E)
A storoem about a girl talking with Santa.
#579912 by Harry

For our servicemen and women - God bless them and their families

Tumbled Towers, Humbled Hearts  (E)
Lives changed in an instant, as the tall towers tumbled.
#258724 by Kenzie

Rhythm this Line Contest Winners

A Back Woods Cabin  (E)
A storoem for Halloween. City folk inherit a back woods cabin...
#541212 by Harry

 A Mother's Lament  (E)
A poem I wrote for a competition, about a mother and daughter parting.
#741162 by Kezza

 DEW AND TEARS--award winner  (E)
Tricked in love, the beloved spends the night by the window, mingling tears with dew
#737577 by Dr M C Gupta

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#619664 by Not Available.

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