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A Christian article drawing a parallel from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
I remember thinking about an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine I first saw a couple of years ago. It was a story about a creature named Laas, who had been sent out into space as an infant. Laas was a shape-shifter; in his natural state he existed as a kind of gelatenous liquid but he was capable of taking on any form he chose. He could take the shape of a rock, an animal or even a person. Laas was raised by aliens but because he was so different to the 'solid' species, he never really fit in. As his distrust for solids grew, he left his planet and began to search space for others of his kind. He longed to find another like himself. Eventually, he did. He found Odo, one of the major characters on the show.

Odo was able to teach Laas many things that he had learned about their people and their history and in turn, Lass shared things he had learnt about their shape-shifting ability. One of the most remarkable things that Odo tought Laas however, was the way in which their people lived on their homeworld. In their natural state, all the shape-shifts merged and became a great link. Laas experienced this link with Odo and was amazed. "I finally realise how I was meant to exist," he said. All his life, Laas has been trying to fit in, never really knowing what he was, but now, he had discovered the way one of his kind was supposed to live and he fealt fulfilled.

I wonder how many of us know how we are meant to exist. Is there a reason why we were created? Is there a secret out there for us to find just as Laas did? I believe so. The Bible says that God made us, in order to have a relationship with him. We were created with the purpose of interacting with and worshiping our heavenly father. At the beginning of time, before sin entered into the world, Adam walked the garden with God. Can you imagine what that must have been like, to be in that kind of close communion with Him? Sadly, after Adam and Eve sinned, mankind was cut off from God. We were no longer worthy to be in His presence. Like Laas, when he was separated from the great link.

That's not the end of the story though. God loved us so much he didn't give up on us. He found a way to restore that relationship. He came to earth in the person of Jesus and died in our place so that we could be re-united with Him. Now, we can once again enter into his presence, not in the same way as Adam and Eve did in the garden, but one day, because of Jesus, we will be able to spend eternity in heaven and all will be as it should be. In the meantime however, we can still have communion with him on eath. He wants to be a part of our lives now. Eternal life begins the moment you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. When I am in church, worshiping God from my heart, I am fulfilled, just like Laas. This is because God created us to worship Him. I have found how I was meant to exist; have you?

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Chimera. Written by Rene Echevarria.
Created by Rick Berman and Michael Piller.
Based upon Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry

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