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Got to love Karma (299 words)
The court jester bowed low before his king. A sigh escaped his ruby painted lips and he spoke softly. “ My lord, I am famished, you have not let me eat in days. I beg you, please just a spec of food.”

The king frowned. He reached over to the silver tray sitting next to him, he picked up a donut, packed with walnuts. “I could give you this donut, dance for your food silly jester.”

The jester sighed, weak from starvation. He bowed his head and stood, he began to dance for his king, stumbling over his own feet, unable to keep his balance very well. That donut was making him water at the mouth.

The king grinned slyly at the jester as he wobbled in front of him. He chuckled looking at the donut he held in his hand. “Enough silly jester, you dance horribly, go back to your quarters.” The king took a giant bite of the donut. He gulped it down without even chewing. Immediatly he began to cough and grab at his throat.

“My lord are you choking?”

The king coughed and spit donut onto the floor. His face was starting to turn purple.

“Gluttony my lord, is one of the seven deadly sins, perhaps you have angered your god?” The Jester grinned weakly. “I could lend you a hand….but wouldn’t that anger him?”

The king tried desperately to stand, but failed and fell to the cold floor. The jester watched his king die, without an ounce of regret. He reached over and picked up a loaf of bread from the silver tray and began to walk off with it, he turned looking back at the king. “I wonder, where is the servant that would save you?” With that the jester took his leave.
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